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• Known for hits like "Jesse Royal - Gimme Likkle", "Iba Mahr - Diamond Sox" as well as "Cross Road Riddim", Notis a.k.a. Unga & Welsh singing positively capturing the true roots spirit! Highly recommended!
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•A selection of magical rocksteady music from one of the masters of the genre…One of the forerunners in Jamaican music from its very beginning, Derrick Harriott, along with a stellar cast, showcases the some superb rocksteady.
Ken Boothe
Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Jul 10, 2015
Date Updated: Jul 20, 2016
Ken Boothe, “one of the quintessential Jamaican soul voices”, possesses the unerring ability to impart heartfelt emotion to even the most innocent, innocuous songs…
Artist Hall of Fame
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Date Added: Apr 25, 2016
“The music is a river of conviction, flowing past sadness, pain, oppression and rejection into the hope of the glorious kingdom of Jah Jah.“ Jean Fairweather
Label Hall of Fame
Party Time
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Date Added: Jan 6, 2010
Date Updated: Apr 15, 2016
Classical Rock Steady rhythm recorded at Studio One, the original cut was performed by Heptones in 1967.
Rhythm Hall of Fame