Brand New Releases
• Brand new album by jamaican singer Ginjah, well-known for his Never Lost My Way debut a few years back and his recent Sweet Killer hit tune on Silly Walks Discotheque's Honey Pot riddim. As the title suggest this is a sweet collection of love songs, by a singer on his way to a more global audience. Check it!
Classic Releases
• --- Get all of Sizzla's previous albums on VP at a special discount price for two weeks only, and the FLAC and WAV versions at the price of the MP3. Until the 29th of April 2014! --- Sizzla's Radical is a collection of rare and unreleased material from the 2014 Grammy nominated icon's formative years. Radical unearths musical gems from the Xterminator label sessions between the early '90s and '00 that were produced by the late legendary Philip Fattis Burrell. Fattis helped forge some of Sizzla's best work to date, including his 1997 breakthrough album Praise Ye Jah that is widely considered one of the top conscious reggae albums of its time. Whether Sizzla is addressing society's ills or singing love songs, the like-minded Radical (overseen under the direction of Fattis' son Kareem Burrell) features the reigning king of roots' honest, raw and thought-provoking lyrics. Sizzla's palpable spirit and vigor for life shine throughout this revolutionary collection of obscure or previously unreleased material, which features live instrumentation from Jamaica's studio aces like Sly Dunbar, Steven Stanley, Earl 'Chinna' Smith and Dean Fraser.
Third World/Bunny Rugs
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Roots with quality…
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Joe Gibbs
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Nothing succeeds like success and there was a time in the mid to late seventies when very few record labels came near to succeeding like or exceeding the success of the releases on the Joe Gibbs label.
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54 46 Was My Number
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