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• The new Cubiculo Records release features big legends that most might know of, a collective that was brought together by Winward Records called "Jamaica All Stars". Blending Roots and Rocksteady this new release features the track "All Rudies in Jail" on A Side and a piano version on the flip side by the legendary Sparrow Martin. Don't miss this one!
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• Wayne Wonder's 2003 and most succesfull album is now available in digital format. Includes the smash hit No Letting Go.
Aston 'Family Man' Barrett
Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Aug 26, 2014
Legendary bass guitarist, musical arranger and record producer who has played on thousands, literally, of Jamaican hits as one of The Hippy Boys, The Aggrovators & The Upsetters and has also produced hit records for his own Defenders, FAM’S and Cobra labels. Family Man is renowned worldwide for his integral role in shaping the musical direction of Bob Marley & The Wailers throughout their incredible international career.
Artist Hall of Fame
Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Jul 14, 2014
One of Jamaica’s most inventive and radical record producers ‘The Observer’ Holness has always been a name to watch out for…
Label Hall of Fame
54 46 Was My Number
Text by Dub Store Sound Inc.
Date Added: Jan 20, 2012
Date Updated: Jan 27, 2012
Rhythm Hall of Fame