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• RRDL Exclusive pre-release! Steppa Records presenting a very special collaboration entitled "Osaka Steppas" an EP consists of heavy works from two producers from Osaka, an old capital and second biggest city in Japan's best in UK dub and steppa music. SAK DUB I showcasing his notoriously aggressive UK dubs backed by 2Shanti's dubstep flavoured two drop both sides come with hefty dubs. Boom!
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• Most would agree Jackie Mittoo was one of the best keyboard players in the history of the Jamaican music and the father of many classic hits. As you can see from the title here, "Striker Showcase" consists of gigantic 34 instrumentals for Bunny Lee including many of old Studio One classics as well as 70"s Bunny Lee goodness. Listen!
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King Jammy
Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Jun 21, 2011
Date Updated: Feb 15, 2017
The most important producer in the development of computer driven reggae music…
Artist Hall of Fame
Gay Feet / High Note
Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Mar 6, 2009
Date Updated: Jan 4, 2017
Sonia Pottinger was Jamaica’s first and foremost female record producer; her husband, Lyndon O. Pottinger, was one of the unacknowledged founding fathers of Jamaican music.
Label Hall of Fame
Party Time
Text by Dub Store Sound Inc.
Date Added: Jan 6, 2010
Date Updated: Apr 15, 2016
Classical Rock Steady rhythm recorded at Studio One, the original cut was performed by Heptones in 1967.
Rhythm Hall of Fame