DJ Charts Summary
DJ Charts Summary
10 Best Frankie Paul

Genre: Dancehall 80s
Date: May 24, 2017
[Hey Stefano! Can you tell us about Tamrat?] Greetings Dub Store! Tamrat Records and Sound System is a project founded in Rome in 2013 by sound engineer and selecta, Stefano “Roots Pusher” and singer and MC, Matteo “Ras Mat-I”. We’ve been good friends since our first meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2005 where both of us were volunteering, even though Matteo was just a kid at that time. During a dub session in Italy in 2015, we met radio dj and selecta, Gaetano “I-tan Kleto” who then became part of our crew and giving us the strength to keep running on our web radio show called “Irie Up”, which we’ve been running since 2010. [How is the reggae scene in Rome?] Rome’s reggae scene is on pure fire. City is full of sound systems, many of them are also running their own record labels and our friends. Some sound systems have been active for over 20 years, on the other hand we also have a very big dancehall movement and lots of smaller sound systems trying to keep on doing the good work like ourselves. [What’s in the Tamrat pipeline?] What we have in mind for the future is to keep making the good stuff of course. We’ll be running our Irie Up radio show and keep looking for gigs for the Tamrat sound system. Moreover we will try to maintain high standards for our subsequent musical products, and that’s why we’ll keep working for sure with Pupa Shan (Bass Culture Players) and Warrior Dread on future collaborations. However this is a very good time for reggae music in Europe and all over the world; fresh artists come out everyday and new realities grow strong everywhere with no need to envy anybody something and we look for that. We love making good music with fresh talented artists, but we don’t forget the roots. This is what Tamrat has been doing so far and also what we seek to do in the future. [Message] The fortune of reggae music is that reggae reality is growing bigger and bigger, and that gives the opportunity to get to know people sharing same passions from all over the globe. Thank you for inviting us to talk with you. It’s a pleasure for us to link up with you from far abroad. [Thank you very much Stefano and Tamrat family!]
10 Best Sly & Robbie

Genre: Dub 70s & 80s
Date: May 10, 2017
10 Best Anthony B

Genre: Roots 1990-2008
Date: May 3, 2017
10 Best BB Seaton & The Gaylads

Genre: Rocksteady
Date: Apr 26, 2017
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