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Bounty Killer
Jun 12, 1972 ~
‘The Warlord’ has maintained his top position for over twenty years through a combination of raw talent, a deep understanding of exactly what’s going on and a complete fearlessness in telling it how it really is.
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Real name:
Rodney Pryce
Place of birth:
Born 12th June 1952 in Kingston's infamous Trench Town district Rodney Pryce then moved to Seaview Gardens and onto Riverton City. Life was unimaginably hard in these tough ghetto areas, and at the age of fourteen, he was caught in a shootout between rival political gunmen and shot by a stray bullet. During his recuperation in hospital he decided on the nom de mic. of Bounty Killer and his early deejay influences were Brigadier Jerry on Jah Love sound and Ranking Joe on U Roy's Sturgav sound.

He began to take a turn on the mic. on sounds including Stereo Two and Metromedia and was encouraged to record by another notable deejay (also his cousin), John Wayne, and his debut recording was for King Jammy(Lloyd James)'s brother, Trevor 'Uncle T' James(Trevor James), in 1992 under the name of Bounty Hunter. 'Gun Must Done' set the template for all that was to follow and he registered his first big hit, 'Spy Fi Die', with Jammy's son Lloyd 'John John' James Junior(Lloyd James Junior). Unlike many of his contemporaries Bounty Killer did not voice out for anyone and everyone but remained close to Jammy's St. Lucia Ave headquarters where he recorded hits galore for Jammy family members Uncle T, John John including 'Action Speaks Louder Than Words', 'Down In The Ghetto' and 'Smoke The Herb' and Jammys himself with 'Book, Book, Book'. His albums for Jammy, 'Down In The Ghetto', 'Jamaica's Most Wanted' and 'No Argument', were released in London on Greensleeves Records where, before too long, Bounty's name and music were as well known in the UK as they were in Jamaica. His lyrics condemned violence while his stance strove to come to terms with the reality of day to day living, and dying, in Kingston's notoriously trigger happy ghettos. On the insightful 'Down In The Ghetto' he pointed the finger of blame at corrupt politicians for the deluge of guns and drugs into downtown Kingston's ghettos over a King Jammy's cut to Baba Brooks' ska classic 'Shank I Sheck'. A lesser artist would have detailed and perhaps empathised with the lot of the ghetto sufferers but Bounty Killer went further and named the guilty men. A moving hymn of praise to his mother, 'Miss Ivy Last Son' for Uncle T, revealed a far gentler side to Bounty Killer.

In 1993 a much publicised feud with Beenie Man began over the "people dead" catch phrase and the two rivals clashed on stage at the appropriately titled Boxing Day Sting in Portmore and again on record the following year on the 'Guns Out' album which was also released on Greensleeves. The feud was resolved at the end of 1995 through the help of radio deejay Richard Burgess who invited Beenie and Bounty to the RJR studios where both mic. men acknowledged the "negative effect their feud was having on the industry" and a truce was called.

Bounty established his own Priceless label and Scare Dem productions in 1995 and the hits, including 'East Indian', 'Go Now', 'Who Create The World (Take Me Home)' and 'Killer Sound' with Future Trouble, kept on coming. His 'My Xperience' album released by VP in New York in 1996 consolidated his reputation in America, spent six months on the Billboard reggae chart and sold a reputed 300,000 copies worldwide. During that summer his rockstone voice gave an added edge to the HOT 97 FM Hip Hop Remix of The Fugees international hit 'Killing Me Softly With His Song'. Unlike many crossover hit makers Bounty Killer (or Bounty Killa) remained true to his ghetto roots while simultaneously reaching out and touching an international audience.

"If any deejay can lay claim to be the raw voice of Jamaican ghetto youth over the last three years it has to be Bounty Killer." Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton 1997
Bounty Killer was the ideal role model for youths looking to find a way to the top of Jamaica's dance hall scene and he went on to establish The Alliance, a group of up and coming artists, that included Angel Doolas who he had worked with on 'Go Away' while he was still recording at King Jammy's. A whole host of rising stars such as Busy Signal, Elephant Man, Mavado & Wayne Marshall also joined The Alliance all going on to win over notoriously hard to please Jamaican audiences at massive stage shows such as the annual Sting and Reggae Sumfest concerts. After Vybz Kartel's show stopping performance at the 1998 Portmore 'Champions In Action' show Vybz was invited to join The Alliance and he began to write lyrics for a number of Bounty Killer hits including 'High Grade Forever' and 'Warlord Rule The World'.

The New Millennium saw his career continue from strength to strength when he recorded 'Hey Baby' with No Doubt, which reached Number Five in the US Hot One Hundred and his 'Ghetto Dictionary Volume Two: Mystery' album received a Grammy Nomination in 2001. And in 2006 he released the compilation album 'Nah No Mercy – The Warlord Scrolls' through VP Records. Despite his occasional altercations with the forces of law and order: Bounty Killer was arrested twice at Reggae Sumfest, in 2001 following a heated disagreement with another artist and again in 2008 for the alleged use of profanity during his performance, he has showed no signs of ever easing up the pressure. His unbridled talent, business acumen and hard earned knowledge of exactly what the audience wants are certain to keep him at the top... Rodney Pryce is truly priceless.

Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton: Reggae The Rough Guide Rough Guides Ltd. 1997
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Beenie Man
Aug 22, 1973 ~
From ‘Ten Year Old Deejay Wonder’ to ‘King Of The Dance Hall’…
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Real name:
Anthony Moses Davis
Place of birth:
Born Anthony Moses Davis 22nd August 1973 in Kingston's Waterhouse ghetto the child prodigy began deejaying at the age of five and his youthful dreams of super stardom became a reality when he won the Tastee Teeny Talent Show in 1981. The radio deejay, Barry G, introduced him to a number of local sound systems and Beenie Man worked live and direct on Lee's Unlimited (alongside Papa San) and Black Star (alongside Tiger) before recording his debut single, 'Too Fancy', later that year for the hottest producer of the period Henry 'Junjo' Lawes. He released his first long player in 1983, the aptly titled 'The Invincible Beenie Man: The Ten Year Old DJ Wonder', produced by the omnipresent Bunny Striker Lee before he hit again with his 'Over The Sea' single for producer Winston 'Niney The Observer' Holness(Winston 'Niney' Holness). But the young man wisely decided to complete his studies and finish school but found time to travel to the USA, Canada and the UK during this fallow period.

In 1989 Beenie Man began work with producer Patrick Roberts' Shocking Vibes label and, as the new decade dawned, he recorded for every top producer in Kingston including Bobby Digital(Bobby Dixon), King Jammy(Lloyd James), Xterminator, Donovan Germain, & Black Scorpio. Reggae artists have to "voice out"... it's an economic necessity... but Beenie Man never merely handed in a performance and every release was superb; the lyrics flowered and flowed and demonstrated his versatility and unerring ability to ride the rhythm like a veteran mic. master... while still in his teens. 'Matie' for Bobby Digital gave Beenie Man his first Jamaican Number one single in 1993 and a show stopping performance at that year's Reggae Sunsplash festival further enhanced his burgeoning popularity: that year he was also awarded the prestigious Deejay Of The Year Award... the first of eight consecutive awards. His much publicised feud with Bounty Killer began after Bounty began using Beenie's "people dead" catch phrase and the two rivals clashed on record the following year on the 'Guns Out' album.

In 1994 Beenie Man's timely update of Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry' for Sly & Robbie's Taxi label entitled 'No Mama No Cry', gave the young deejay yet another Jamaican Number One and its insightful anti gun lyrics were a fitting tribute to Panhead... a deejay lost to Kingston's internecine violence. Two further superb Bob Marley adaptations in combination with vocalist Luciano, 'Running Away' and 'Crazy Baldhead', for the Taxi label followed. That same year he was accorded an album release for London based Jet Star's 'Gold' series an accolade usually reserved for established artists. The set helped to introduce Beenie Man to the wider world away from the Jamaican dance halls and pre-release seven inch single aficionados who had been busy snapping up his every release in the specialist shops for the past five years. He now signed to Island Records and 'Slam' for Dave 'Rude Boy' Kelly(Dave Kelly)'s Mad House set up, the dance hall anthem for 1995, featured on Beenie Man's Island Jamaica album 'Blessed'.
For the rest of the decade Beenie Man remained at the pinnacle of success, dominating the charts and the dance halls, and his status was reflected when he appeared as himself in the 'Dancehall Queen' film in 1997. He became known as the 'King Of Dance Hall' which later led to altercations with Yellowman who had won the same title in the eighties. In the spring of 1998 Beenie Man finally cracked the UK National Charts when the Greensleeves release, 'Who Am I', produced by Jeremy Harding for his 2 Hard label made it to Number Ten and the "Zim Zimma, who's got the keys to my Bimma" hook line was on everyone's lips. The 'Many Moods Of Moses' album included 'Who Am I' alongside tracks every bit as good including the Sly & Robbie production 'Foundation' and Shocking Vibes' 'Oyster & Conch'. 'Money', his combination with London based soul songstress Jamelia, hit the Number Five position early in 2000 in the UK National Charts and Beenie Man signed a five album deal with Virgin Records.

The hits never let up and 'Girls Dem Sugar' with Mya, 'Feel It Boy' with Janet Jackson, 'Street Life', 'Dude' with Ms Thing and the self explanatory 'King Of The Dance Hall' all graced the UK National Charts in the New Millennium. His albums for Virgin were a super synthesis reaching out to a new audience whilst never forgetting his Kingston dance hall roots and 'Art & Life' contained Dave Kelly's 'Haters & Fools' and guest appearances from Wyclef Jean and won the coveted Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2000; 'Tropical Storm' featured combinations with London's So Solid Crew and dance hall favourites Lady Saw And Sean Paul.

Beenie Man has always had all bases covered from light hearted releases such as the adventurous 'Nuff Gal' through dance hall favourites 'Blackboard' and 'Romie' to serious social insight on diatribes such as 'Murderer' and international commentary on 'World Gone Mad' and he continues to do so. Looking forward to more top quality releases from Beenie Man is not wishful thinking but a justified expectancy cultivated by his incredible longevity and his matchless standards. As far back as 1999 he was awarded a higher degree in deejaying on his VP long player 'The Doctor' but his doctorate has long been superseded and Beenie Man must surely now be regarded as the Dean of the Dance Hall.
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1973 ~
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Real name:
Mark Anthony Myrie
Place of birth:
Related artist(s):
Burro Banton
Pan Head
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vinyl 12" 12"
Bounty Killer;Destiny Child, Miss Elliott / Beenie Man;Buju Banton
Dangerous; No No No Remix / Zim Zimma (In California); Big It Up (Remix)
5/10 Remix US (Org)
Info: Original Press
¥1480 ¥499 (US$4.15)
Rating: 1234
Genre: Dancehall 2000's
Sub Genre: Remix/Mash Up
Produced by: 5/10 Remix
Approx. year: 2000
Date added: Sep 28, 2011
Country: USA
Catalog number: MB077
Music type: Deejay; Female Vocal B: Deejay; Deejay
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