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Jah Joe - Dreadlocks Song

Jah Joe - Dreadlocks Song / Bullwackies All Stars - Dreadlocks Dub

Aires/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1975

¥1180 (US$10.28)

Deep mystical Wackie's production from Jah Joe (aka Joe Axumite) in chanting deejay mode, one of the best 45's on Aires.

Al Campbell - Down In Babylon

Al Campbell - Down In Babylon / Version

Channel One/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US

¥1180 (US$10.28)

One killer unreleased blast, straight from 29 Maxfield Avenue. Previously unreleased heater from Al Campbell. From the same sessions as produced his great tune "Jah Army" (coming soon!) is this gem, fantastic early '80s roots, licking back some lyrics he did earlier for producer Larry Lawrence's Ethnic label.

Hopeton Junior - Reward

Hopeton Junior - Reward / Version

Channel One/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1983

Worries In The Dance

¥1180 (US$10.28)

Hopeton Junior's "Reward" is one of the baddest cuts on Channel's "Worries in the Dance" rhythm. It was featured on the classic "Worries" rhythm album, but was also one of only two cuts on the rhythm that was released on 7" in JA, with its own unique dub.

Junior Khadaffy - Rampers Music

Junior Khadaffy - Rampers Music / Version

Uprising/Deeper Knowledge US1989

¥1180 (US$10.28)

A mythical tune for all serious digital reggae collectors, finally reissued. The obscure Junior Khadaffy (various spellings!) released only a handful of tunes in the mid-late '80s, but all are fantastic. This one was cut for E&F Studios in the Bronx, ran by the late artist I-Plee. Stereo Fletcher happens to be family to I-Plee, producing several records by the artist for his own labels. But the works went both ways, and Stereo produced this one for release on E&F's in-house label. Slick but killer digital reggae, this one has always reminded us of the production style of Little Kirk's "Weed Them Out", a fantastic arrangement, great vocals and a complex head-nodding rhythm. The original press is extremely rare and the tune is simply too good to remain that way, so here it is, top top top shelf '80s digital, now available for all.

Keithus I - Red Hot

Keithus I - Red Hot / Dub

Jah Dynasty/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1975

¥1180 (US$10.28)

"Red Hot" is an utter masterpiece of raw, rough and ready roots from 1975, and Keithus' first tune. Utilizing a killer rhythm provided by the Barrett Bros. Of the Wailers band, and one of the deadliest organ lines from Tyrone "Organ D" Downie!

Sir Harry - Power House

Sir Harry - Power House / Version

Sir Collins/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US197-

¥1430 (US$12.46)

"Power House" by Sir Harry, another rare beast from the vaults. This track is alternately know by several names, usually based on the cryptic words spoken by Sir Harry in the intro, and bears no real official title, the original release being only on a blank label. The title "Power House" comes from Charlie Morgan's excellent Studio 1 discography, and we've used it here as a nod to his invaluable work. But on to the music, Sir Harry's tune is not so much his own, as the old time chatter only interjects a few odd phrases here and there. Really the tune is a phenomenal instrumental workout on the same rhythm as "You Touch My Soul", with organ and bongo drum overdubs propelling the awesome rhythm forward, while the Invaders' vocals are heard ever so faintly in the background, bleeding thru from the other track on the 2-track master.

Alton Black - Reunited

Alton Black - Reunited

Chopper/Bond Export/Digikiller US

Billie Jean

¥1180 (US$10.28)

The late Alton Black was a part of the NY Chopper crew, and one of NY's most popular artists when he cut "Reunited" on Chopper's killer lick of 'billie jean' now well known via Don Hickey's "Cooperate." All fans of the 'lovers digi' micro-genre (ha!) take note, this one should be near the top of your lists.

Barry Brown - Stone Of The Arrival

Barry Brown - Stone Of The Arrival / Stone Dub

Snowbird/Digikiller Records/Depper Knowledge Records US1983

¥1180 (US$10.28)

One of the hardest and best Barry Brown tunes. From the early '80s, and self-produced, released, and distributed by the late Barry Brown and his wife Lisa, on their own Snowbird label. Only ever issued in tiny quantity on 45 in JA, until now of course very hard to find.

Barry Brown - Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin

Barry Brown - Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin / Roots Radics - Stop The Fighting

Flabba Sounds/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1982

¥2380 (US$20.73)

Produced and arranged by Roots Radics bass player and main man Flabba Holt, these tracks are among Barry's best and have been mostly unavailable since their original release almost thirty years ago. "

Clarence Parks - Things Come To Bump

Clarence Parks - Things Come To Bump / Dub

Channel One/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US

¥2100 (US$18.29)

The rhythm for this tune is probably familiar to many. It's among a handful of riddims cut at Channel in the early 1980's and shared amongst a group of producers who were very active at the studio during this time. Despite being shelved by Channel, the tune found its way out there on vinyl (a somewhat frequent "mystery" of the 1980s reggae business), and has since cemented its place as one of the baddest cuts on a bad rhythm!

Delroy Wilson - Give Me Your Love

Delroy Wilson - Give Me Your Love / Version

Sir Collins/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1977


¥1430 (US$12.46)

The mighty Delroy Wilson, one of Jamaica's biggest artists. "Give Me Your Love" was released on a Delroy LP again on the WARICKA label, which was mostly sold as a blank label pre-release with no cover, although copies with labels and/or a silk-screened cover also exist. This is a phenomenal cut on the mournful and heavy 'Artibella' rhythm, with a killer organ sound that we just love. This tune is backed by a dub cut with horns and bongos, lifted from an extremely rare blank-label Sir Collins compilation LP. We've heard tell that the vocal cut also comes on blank label pre-release 7-inch, but haven't seen it. Can anyone confirm? In any case this tune is one of our favorite of its era, essential to any Delroy Wilson selection.

Don Angelo - General

Don Angelo - General / Mix Down Style Version

Channel One/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US198-

¥1180 (US$10.28)

Don Angelo, who cut a bunch of tunes for Channel 1 in the early/mid 1980's, but only a few were released. This one, "General", saw release only in the UK thru a licensing deal at the time, and it's a wicked uptempo track in the same vein as some of our recently-issued Tasha productions from the same time, approx. 1984.

Flick Wilson - Jah Know

Flick Wilson - Jah Know / Dub

Jah Life US198-

¥1180 (US$10.28)

More previously unreleased heat from the Jah Life camp. These four awesome cuts on the same rhythm are again from mid '80s sessions at Channel 1 studio with the Gifted Roots Band. Great vocal cuts from under-recorded artists all around - Flick Wilson, Patrick Cool, Nathan Skyers and Lee Van Cliff (singing in a Tenor Saw-ish style!) Fantastic hard as nails stuff that should hit the spot for fans of the mid '80s sound.

Forces - That's Not Right

Forces - That's Not Right / Dub

Afrajam/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1974

¥1180 (US$10.28)

Forces tune is a classic one-away, awesome heavy roots vibes from the turn of the '70s into the '80s.

Invaders - Story Of Love

Invaders - Story Of Love / Holy Mountain

Sir Collins/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US196-

¥1430 (US$12.46)

Another Invaders 45, "Story of Love" backed with its deejay version, "Holy Mountain." Another tune only released on a blank label originally, and thus the identity of the artists has long been speculated, but the mastertape revealed the mysterious Invaders again! "Story of Love" is an excellent early '70s tune, with great harmonies and organ, the flipside "Holy Mountain" being a deejay version on the same rhythm, with the vocalist chatting thanks and praises in Amharic, roots indeed.

Jah Life - Jah Life In Dub

Jah Life - Jah Life In Dub

Jah Life/Bond Export/Deeper Knowledge US1980

¥2460 (US$21.43)

The infamous and legendary "Jah Life in Dub" LP, finally released. Originally slated for release in late '80/early '81, this was to be Jah Life's first dub LP, featuring all exclusive mixes to now-classic Barrington Levy tunes. For one reason or another, the LP was never released. To confuse matters, a couple years later, some of the unused jackets were given to Germain to house an untitled dub LP of his productions. Naturally, we needed to rectify this situation. So here it is, finally released 34 years later! Featuring ten killer dubs to Barrington Levy tunes, ALL MIXED BY SCIENTIST AT KING TUBBY'S. Six out of the ten tracks are previously unreleased mixes, including a dub to the song "Jah Life" which has never been available anywhere before. As an added bonus, the first pressing of this LP will come housed in the original jackets from 1980, which features killer artwork by Oneil Nanco.

Joe Axumite - Simple Little Woman

Joe Axumite - Simple Little Woman / Home To Africa; Troubled Land

Wackies/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1978

¥2100 (US$18.29)

Three awesome Wackie's roots cuts from Joe Axumite, all previously available on compilation LP's, now together on one killer 10" EP. "Troubled Land" and "Simple Little Woman" were originally released on the "Black World" LP, while "Home to Africa" was originally on "Wackie's Selective Showcase Vol. 1" LP. Joe Axumite supposedly recorded an LP worth of material around this time, but an album never materialized due to some of the tapes being lost. What a shame!

Keithus I - Dread Locks I; Dread A Dub It

Keithus I - Dread Locks I; Dread A Dub It / Dreadlocks In The Ark

Jah Dynasty/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US

¥2100 (US$18.29)

"Dreadlocks I" was done at the Black Ark, and this 10-inch reissue includes the vocal & dub from the original 45, plus a second, wild Lee Perry mixed dub of an aborted do-over of the tune (for which the vocal version is sadly lost).

Lutan Fyah; Jah Batta - Dem No Like Mi Address; Who Is The Almighty

Lutan Fyah;Jah Batta - Dem No Like Mi Address; Who Is The Almighty / Bullwackie - 225th St. Dubwise Style

Wackies/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US2014

¥2100 (US$18.29)

A milestone release, the first contemporary productions to be released by DKR! Bullwackie is still keeping the faith, recording and producing artists from his Bronx homebase studio. When we heard these awesome new roots productions in 2013, they blew us away. Calling to mind the best modern roots produced by Exterminator in the 1990's, we had to give these cuts a release. Recorded, voiced and mixed at Bullwackie's studio on White Plains Road. The A-side is a vocal cut by Lutan Fyah, followed by a deejay cut by Wackie's stable stalwart Jah Batta. The b-side is two different style dubs (one with horns!) from Bullwackie, still a virtuoso behind the mixing board.

Midnight Riders - Youthman Invasion

Midnight Riders - Youthman Invasion / Black Roots Band - Version

Tasha/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1986

¥1180 (US$10.28)

Here are two more killer cuts from the Riders. "Youthman Invasion" was originally released on 7-inch in Jamaica via Sonic Sounds' Thunderbolt label, and licensed for a compilation on Japan's Tachyon label. Awesome tune on one of our top rhythms of the '80s!

Mighty Abajians - Guiding Light

Mighty Abajians - Guiding Light

Swing Bird//Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1981

Guiding Light

¥1180 (US$10.28)

The second cut of 'Guiding Light', and third cut on the rhythm. This time with a different mix and percussion overdubs by Bongo Herman, again done at Channel 1. This cut mixed in a more spare early '80s style, hard stuff. The Mighty Abidjans for this one were Jaiq Sterling, Leonard Billings and Glenford McLeggan. This is the final Mighty Abidjans single to feature vocalist & song writer Jaiq Sterling.

Revolutionaries - Satta Dub Strictly Roots (Silk Screen)

Revolutionaries - Satta Dub Strictly Roots (Silk Screen)

Well Charge/Digikiller Records/Depper Knowledge Records US1979

¥3100 (US$27.01)

Legendary Channel 1 dub album, unavailable for 30+ years. Originally released only in JA, in silkscreened jackets featuring the iconic Well Charge star logo. This LP features a selection of evergreen Channel 1 rhythms recorded, mixed and dubbed to perfection at 29 Maxfield Avenue. Crystal clear reissue cut straight from the original master tape, and comes again in a hand-silkscreened jacket, in two different colors, exactly as the original.