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Artist Hall of Fame

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Third World/Bunny Rugs photo

Third World/Bunny Rugs

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Apr 4, 2014
Roots with quality…
Busy Signal photo

Busy Signal

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Mar 17, 2014
One of the brightest stars in the dancehall firmament Busy Signal gained his stage name as a young man because he was always too busy to answer his cell ’phone. Little has changed… he has been in constant demand ever since and his ‘phone is now constantly engaged with worldwide offers of work.
Ninjaman photo


Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Feb 21, 2014
The ‘Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon’… one of the most startlingly original and seriously contumacious dancehall deejays.
Junior Murvin photo

Junior Murvin

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Feb 4, 2014
Also known as Junior Soul and Junior Mervin an under-recorded singer whose indubitable, indisputably classic song ‘Police & Thieves’ transcended its origins in downtown Kingston’s internecine political violence to become a worldwide anthem for the fight against oppression both from below and from those at the very top.
Errol Thompson photo

Errol Thompson

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Dec 26, 2013
Errol Thompson, also known as Errol T or simply ET, was the most gifted and distinctive recording engineer in the history of Jamaican music. His contribution to the sound of reggae can never be overstated…
Sizzla photo


Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Dec 5, 2013
A forthright and totally committed member of the Bobo Ashanti order and no stranger to controversy Sizzla’s outspoken stance has continued unabated over seventy albums and countless seven inch singles…
Shaggy photo


Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Nov 7, 2013
The world’s top selling Jamaican artist Shaggy has achieved more UK & USA Number One hits than any other reggae act…
Shabba Ranks photo

Shabba Ranks

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Oct 24, 2013
Possibly one of the last of the traditional Jamaican mic. men but definitely the first of the island’s international superstar deejays…
Max Romeo photo

Max Romeo

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Oct 10, 2013
Max Romeo’s unerring ability to convey not only the manifest tribulations of Jamaican life but also some of its more amusing aspects with equal fervour and conviction have ensured his position as one of the most popular and versatile singers and songwriters of his generation.
Tony 'Prince Tony' Robinson photo

Tony 'Prince Tony' Robinson

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Sep 27, 2013
Prince Tony’s TR International productions, probably more than the work of many other producers, popularised the art of Jamaican deejays, Big Youth and U Roy in particular, and brought them to world wide prominence in the second half of the seventies…
Cedric 'Im' Brooks photo

Cedric 'Im' Brooks

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Sep 13, 2013
Throughout his fruitful and varied career Cedric ‘I’m’ Brooks conducted a continuous lifelong musical investigation that defied categorisation and that consistently challenged and broke down cultural and social preconceptions…
Roy Cousins photo

Roy Cousins

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Aug 16, 2013
The story of Tamoki Wambesi Dove is, in effect, Roy Cousins’ story and his struggle for survival and artistic freedom in a viciously competitive world. The history of The Royals, with the group’s ever-changing line up of harmony singers, is inseparable from the close-knit community of Kingston 11 where the power and strength of singing was one of the few legitimate ways out of the ghetto.
Scotty photo


Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Jul 30, 2013
Derrick/David ‘Scotty’ Scott was not only one of the music’s most expressive and soulful singers but also one of the first artists to popularise the art of the deejay when he broke big in 1970… and by breaking big we mean massive.
Toots & The Maytals photo

Toots & The Maytals

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Jul 17, 2013
The Maytals created a music, “there was nothing else like it on earth”, that could only have been created by Jamaicans in Jamaica; other vocalists and vocal groups often attempted to sound like their American counterparts but The Maytals paved the way for Jamaican singers to sound like Jamaicans.
Alva 'Reggie' Lewis photo

Alva 'Reggie' Lewis

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Jun 26, 2013
The history of Jamaican music is usually told, naturally enough, through the stories of the music’s biggest stars but a whole host of less well known names also played a vital role in the development of the music; the guitar work of Alva ‘Reggie’ Lewis was an essential component in the nascent sound of reggae.
Count Ossie photo

Count Ossie

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Jun 21, 2013
Count Ossie was the foremost exponent of Rasta drumming; his bass drum adorned with Psalm 133 ‘Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity’. His presence continues to be felt as an intuitive act of faith demonstrating an unbroken link with Jamaican music’s shared ancestral and cultural heritage.
Dennis Brown photo

Dennis Brown

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Jun 7, 2013
The ‘Crown Prince Of Reggae’, Dennis Emanuel Brown, was Jamaican music’s most consistently popular performer. Many artists achieve fame and adulation after their death but Dennis Brown earned an unparalleled amount of love and devotion during his life time.
Boris Gardiner photo

Boris Gardiner

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: May 24, 2013
Although his bass guitar beat at the heart of reggae music for over twenty years Boris Gardiner still remains a relatively unknown figure although he has contributed much more to the music than many other far more celebrated performers.
Big Youth photo

Big Youth

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Added: Apr 26, 2013
One of the most important and influential stylistic and artistic innovators of the second half of the twentieth century…
Harry ‘Harry J’ Johnson photo

Harry ‘Harry J’ Johnson

Text by Harry Hawks
Date Updated: Apr 12, 2013
One of the first Jamaican record producers to enjoy overseas hits Harry J went on to make the most of his international connections. His state of the art recording complex on Roosevelt Avenue was the studio of choice throughout the seventies for the musicians and artists who followed his lead in taking reggae music out of Kingston’s ghettos and onto the worldwide stage.
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