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Shipment & payment outside Japan
  Shipment and payment method outside Japan
We have the following shipment and payment methods at Please click one of the items you would like to check.
Please note that there will be additional costs other than shipment costs for some payment methods.
>>Shipping cost
>>Number of days required before shipment
Payment method
>>Credit card
>>About currency
>>About the customs
>>About receipt
For any other methods of payment, please contact us at >>.
Cancellation and returning of product
>>Changing and cancelling the order
>>Returning Damaged Product
Shipping cost
Shipping method: Express Mail Service (EMS)
We do not handle any other services for shipment such as sea mail service and regular mail service.
We appreciate your understanding.

Cost: The shipping cost is determined by the total weight and destination according to the EMS tariff plan. Please see the below table.
EMS Shipping cost
  Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
Weight Asia Oceania, Noath America/Central America, Middle East Europe South America, Africa
~0.5kg ¥1400 ¥2000 ¥2200 ¥2400
~0.6kg ¥1540 ¥2180 ¥2400 ¥2740
~0.7kg ¥1680 ¥2360 ¥2600 ¥3080
~0.8kg ¥1820 ¥2540 ¥2800 ¥3420
~0.9kg ¥1960 ¥2720 ¥3000 ¥3760
~1kg ¥2100 ¥2900 ¥3200 ¥4100
~1.25kg ¥2400 ¥3300 ¥3650 ¥4900
~1.5kg ¥2700 ¥3700 ¥4100 ¥5700
~1.75kg ¥3000 ¥4100 ¥4550 ¥6500
~2kg ¥3300 ¥4500 ¥5000 ¥7300
~2.5kg ¥3800 ¥5200 ¥5800 ¥8800
~3kg ¥4300 ¥5900 ¥6600 ¥10300
~3.5kg ¥4800 ¥6600 ¥7400 ¥11800
~4kg ¥5300 ¥7300 ¥8200 ¥13300
~4.5kg ¥5800 ¥8000 ¥9000 ¥14800
~5kg ¥6300 ¥8700 ¥9800 ¥16300
~5.5kg ¥6800 ¥9400 ¥10600 ¥17800
~6kg ¥7300 ¥10100 ¥11400 ¥19300
~7kg ¥8100 ¥11200 ¥12700 ¥21400
~8kg ¥8900 ¥12300 ¥14000 ¥23500
~9kg ¥9700 ¥13400 ¥15300 ¥25600
~10kg ¥10500 ¥14500 ¥16600 ¥27700
~11kg ¥11300 ¥15600 ¥17900 ¥29800
~12kg ¥12100 ¥16700 ¥19200 ¥31900
~13kg ¥12900 ¥17800 ¥20500 ¥34000
~14kg ¥13700 ¥18900 ¥21800 ¥36100
~15kg ¥14500 ¥20000 ¥23100 ¥38200
~16kg ¥15300 ¥21100 ¥24400 ¥40300
~17kg ¥16100 ¥22200 ¥25700 ¥42400
~18kg ¥16900 ¥23300 ¥27000 ¥44500
~19kg ¥17700 ¥24400 ¥28300 ¥46600
~20kg ¥18500 ¥25500 ¥29600 ¥48700
~21kg ¥19300 ¥26600 ¥30900 ¥50800
~22kg ¥20100 ¥27700 ¥32200 ¥52900
~23kg ¥20900 ¥28800 ¥33500 ¥55000
~24kg ¥21700 ¥29900 ¥34800 ¥57100
~25kg ¥22500 ¥31000 ¥36100 ¥59200
~26kg ¥23300 ¥32100 ¥37400 ¥61300
~27kg ¥24100 ¥33200 ¥38700 ¥63400
~28kg ¥24900 ¥34300 ¥40000 ¥65500
~29kg ¥25700 ¥35400 ¥41300 ¥67600
~30kg ¥26500 ¥36500 ¥42600 ¥69700
*The actual shipping cost might differ from the estimated cost (calculated based on estimated total weight) which is shown on the order confirmation mail. The correct shipping cost will be shown on the shipping notification or completion of shipping preparation mail.
Number of days required before shipment
Procedure for shipment
  After receiving the order, it usually takes one day (or maximum two days) for to secure the product and prepare for shipment. Below is how we calculate the number of days required before the product is delivered to you.

Days to process shipment + Days to deliver = Number of days required for delivery after confirmation of the order

  Number of days required before delivery
    Overseas shipment is done by EMS. Number of days required for delivery depends on the destination country or region Please see >>the table (within EMS website) for more details.


Payment method
Payment method
  At, we have the following methods of payment.
Please note that there might be extra charges for some of the payment methods.
Paying with credit card
You will be required to enter the card number and expiry date when placing an order (or when you are registering the payment method on MyPage).
The credit card information will be encoded with SSL and registered in the database.
After confirmation of the order, we will verify the credit card information through a payment processing agency.
Please note that we will not ship the product if we cannot verify the card.
Credit card accepted at

VISA Master Card Nicos American Express JCB

VISA, Master Card, Nicos, American Express, JCB
Calculation of total amount and other costs
After settling the payment of total amount (product price + shipping cost) by credit card, we will proceed to shipment immediately. There will be no other costs.
If you have an account with PayPal, you will be able to complete the payment easily and quickly.
Calculation of total amount and other costs
  Please pay through PayPal the total amount (product price and shipping cost) after receiving our payment request mail which we send when the shipment preparation has been completed. We will proceed to shipment immediately after confirming the payment. You will need to bear the cost which arises for paying with PayPal. >>For more details, please refer to the PayPal website. Please note that all payments to our website must be in Japanese Yen.
    We will secure the product immediately after receiving the order, and inform you, by e-mail, of our PayPal account which you should send the money to within one or two days. Then we will ship the product immediately after confirming the payment.
About currency
We only accept payment in Japanese Yen at For your reference, please see >>here for checking the exchange rate between Japanese Yen and other major currencies.
About the customs
In some countries or in some situations, you might be asked to pay some tax by the customs when your ordered items go through the customs.
In that case, you are totally responsible for it and we do not bear any part of it.
We appreciate your understanding.
Issue of receipt
If you require a receipt, please specify so in the "Request about the delivery" field when placing the order or contact us at >>.
Please also note that we will not re-issue the receipt under any circumstances.
Changing and cancelling the order
Please avoid cancelling the order after confirmation. If you wish to change or cancel the order, however, you must inform us of the change or cancellation within 12 hours after placing the order. If you do not inform us by then, we might not be able to change or cancel the order as the shipping instructions might have been already issued.
Returning defected or damaged product
For products shipped overseas, we do not accept the returning and exchanging of the product. Because we mainly sell analogue records made in Jamaica, there are often problems to manage the quality. Some products such as CD-R (Mix CD-R) or cassette tapes are handmade, and we cannot guarantee the quality for those shipped overseas. Therefore we only accept the returning of products within Japan. Please note this as a Buyer's risk when you are shopping with us from overseas.