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Ken Boothe - Can't You See

Arrival Date: Jul 15, 2016

Loretta Holloway - Blackjack

Arrival Date: Aug 19, 2016

Soul Vendors - Last Waltz

Soul Vendors - Last Waltz / Hamlins - Sentimental Reason

Studio One/Dub Store Records JPN1967

¥1580 (US$15.43)

The Soul Vendors’ horn inst cover of a mellow Latin tune, backed with the authentic Studio One Rocksteady masterpiece. This gorgeous horn inst Rocksteady features a superb arrangement from King Cannon a.k.a. Carl ‘Cannonball’ Bryan and Roland Alphonso. Like the originals on the other side here comes the one that Island was certainly familiar with back then, the Nat King Cole’s excellent vocal cover from the Hamlins.

Tony Curtis - High Grade

Tony Curtis - High Grade

Music Ambassador US2002

¥199 (US$1.94) Limited Time Offer

Heptones - Why Did You Leave

Heptones - Why Did You Leave

Studio One1968

Why Did You Leave

¥580 (US$5.66) Limited Time Offer

Skatalites - Instrumental

Skatalites - Instrumental / Soulettes - I Love You Baby

Studio One1966

¥580 (US$5.66) Limited Time Offer

Barry Biggs - Too Much Heaven

Barry Biggs - Too Much Heaven / Heaven Dub


¥399 (US$3.90) Limited Time Offer

Micah Shemaiah, Rassi Hardknocks - Legal

available in early July 2016

Marvels - Rocksteady

Marvels - Rocksteady / Lloyd Chamers - Travelling On

FRM/Dub Store Records JPN1972

¥1480 (US$14.45)

This funky reggae classic go way beyond the boundary of reggae music and reaching to every music lover out there. Beginning with the killer drum break, the Aretha Franklin cover is built to move everyone’s body! Backed with slick instrumentals produced by Lloyd Charmers, it’s about time this 7” gets reissued.

Stephen Chang - Always Together

Stephen Chang - Always Together / Sam Carty - Rich Man, Poor Man

BMN/Dub Store Records JPN1967

¥1480 (US$14.45)

Extremely rare rocksteady masterpiece recorded in 1967. Curiously sang in Chinese, this novelty record was originally pressed and spread within the Chinese community in Jamaica. Even though comparing to its entire population this island has exceptionally high rate of musical recordings, this could possibly be the only verified track solely sang in Chinese. One that has always been spoken about due to its oddity and should be succeeded eternally.

General Levy - Gideon Boot

General Levy - Gideon Boot

Scotch Bonnet UK2007

Belly Ska

¥1480 (US$14.45) Limited Time Offer

Almighty Stones - Penetrate

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Almighty Stones - Penetrate / Mighty Artons - Penetrate Dub

Hot Stuff UK1975

¥680 (US$6.64) Limited Time Offer

Ethiopians - What A Fire

Ethiopians - What A Fire / Gun Man

JJ UK1969/ 1970

¥580 (US$5.66) Limited Time Offer

Blues Busters - I Won't Let You Go

Blues Busters - I Won't Let You Go / Love Me Forever

Kentone/BMN/Dub Store Records JPN1964

¥1480 (US$14.45)

The big hit Ska classic everybody loves, sang by one of the top groups of the 60’s!! Along with the Maytals and the Wailers, the Blues Busters were one of the top groups at the time, however commercially they were going more of a mainstream than the others. Since their career goes way back in the late 50’s, they must have been idolized by so many of those who made their debut later in the Ska era. This is an essential mainstream Ska classic by the brilliantly skilled duo in their best form backed by no other than Byron Lee.

Derrick Harriott - Loser

Derrick Harriott - Loser / Derrick Harriott, Bobby Ellis, Desmond Miles Seven - Now We Know

Crystal/Dub Store Records JPN1967


¥1380 (US$13.48)

‘The Loser’is gloriously considered as one of the most significant songs as well as rhythm tracks in the history of Reggae music. Also entitled as‘The Winner’, the song is easily adapted to sound system dubplates. Talking about the genre of Rocksteady, this song cannot be ignored.‘Now We Know’on the flip side is to be released on 7 inch single for the first time ever.

Keith & Tex - Stop That Train

Keith & Tex - Stop That Train / Bobby Ellis, Jets - Feeling Peckish

Move & Groove/Dub Store Records JPN1967

Stop That Train

¥1380 (US$13.48)

Without any explanation, ‘Stop That Train’ by Keith & Tex is a true Rocksteady classic of all times. The song stands tall in Reggae music history and a biggest hit among Derrick Harriott’s catalogue. Side B features Memphis Soul Rocksteady instrumental, just like a trendy song from Stax Records. Now reissued for the first time with these original recordings on both sides.

Horace Andy - Let Your Teardrops Fall

Horace Andy - Let Your Teardrops Fall

Sun Shot UK1974

¥580 (US$5.66) Limited Time Offer

Jah Schulz - Dub Mafia

available in early July 2016

Ranking Joe - Raggamuffin

Ranking Joe - Raggamuffin / Bisco Kid - Automatic

Minoli Records JPN2016

Put It On

¥1480 (US$14.45)

Minoli Records outta Tokyo dropping their debut dual 7”s! Raggamuffin features Ranking Joe showcasing his classic stanza making it a floor masher. On the flip seeing Bisco Kid, real life fish dealer in Tsukiji market comically imitating the likes of Junior Demus, Tiger and Frankie Paul!

What's Love? - シャララ

Arrival Date: Jul 8, 2016

Laxton Ford - Love Is The Song

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Roy Ellis - Mr. Wang (Picture Sleeve)

Roy Ellis - Mr. Wang (Picture Sleeve) / Another Man

Liquidator Music EU1964

¥780 (US$7.62) Limited Time Offer

Romain Virgo - Stay With Me
Sluggy - True Sound

Sluggy - True Sound / Version

Kaya Greenleeves UK/Jah Life UK1989


¥680 (US$6.64) Limited Time Offer

M'Lonie - Sunrise

Estimate Delivery 2-14 days

Susan Cadogan - Baby I Love You

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Sanchez - Loneliness

Sanchez - Loneliness


Mood For Love

¥399 (US$3.90) Limited Time Offer

Roland Alphonso, Inventors - Hop Special

available in early July 2016

金原千恵子, 大江慎也, 塚本功 - Rosie

Arrival Date: Jul 13, 2016

Banchop Chaiphra - Ya Doen Show (Picture Sleeve)

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Ja-ge George (Rub A Dub Market) - Put It On

Ja-ge George (Rub A Dub Market) - Put It On / Version

Minoli Records JPN2016

Put It On

¥1480 (US$14.45)

Newly launching Tokyo based Minoli Records dropping their first 7”! This digital dancehall remake of Scion Success’ “Put It On” will sure make you a big smile. Featuring Ja-ge George of Rub A Dub Market lyrically comes in strong with addictive hooks!

Michael Prophet - Copa Come

Michael Prophet - Copa Come / Version

Techniques/Dub Store Records JPN1985

¥1480 (US$14.45)

Prolific and long standing label Techniques had numerous hits over the years. However “The Copa Come” is a hidden classic by Michael Prophet and possibly the most dangerous tune released after 1985. Great crossover contains both roots and dancehall goodness.

Fred Locks - Chant It

Fred Locks - Chant It / King Alpha - Dub Version

Akashic US2015

¥680 (US$6.64) Limited Time Offer

Gregory Isaacs - Explanation

Gregory Isaacs - Explanation

Jah Finger UK1988

¥980 (US$9.57) Limited Time Offer

Asuka Ando - Jiri Jiri (Dry & Steady Mix)

Asuka Ando - Jiri Jiri (Dry & Steady Mix) / (Cumulonimbus Dub)

Gardenia Garden JPN2015

¥1404 (US$13.71)

After selling out the first 7” cut from her latest album within a couple of days, Japanese lovers rock singer Asuka Ando comes back with another single, “Jiri Jiri” including a dub from Jagabe (Reggaelation independence). One of the most talked about singers in Japanese circuit at the moment.

Nitty Gritty - Turn Them Back

Nitty Gritty - Turn Them Back / Turn Them Back Dub

Prince Jammys Dub/Dub Store Records JPN1986


¥1580 (US$15.43)

You might have seen Jammy playing this devastating sound killer in sessions lately, although before that this Nitty Gritty on Jammy’s ‘Tempo’ has only been heard on dubplates. No one knows why it never came out ? is it because it was a counteraction to Tubby? Or tune that was the lethal weapon of Jammy? There is nothing we can do but imagine those pictures when listening to the intense energy and impact of this tune.

Owen Knibbes - Juggler

Owen Knibbes - Juggler

Virgo Production/Jamwax EU1987

¥580 (US$5.66) Limited Time Offer

Black Uhuru, Chronixx - I Love King Selassie

Black Uhuru, Chronixx - I Love King Selassie / Dub

Jammys/Dub Store Records JPN2014

I Love King Selassie

¥1280 (US$12.50)

Sampling one of the greatest classics Black Uhuru left for Jammy’s, the remarkable roots revival tune is finally out on vinyl. Dominating the recent rasta revival movement, Cronixx sings freely bringing new life to the rhythm with his strong message. Representing the excellent side of reggae music of taking lessons from the past.

Vin Gordon, Salute - Liberty Horn

Vin Gordon, Salute - Liberty Horn / Satta Massagana

Room In The Sky UK2014

¥680 (US$6.64) Limited Time Offer

Duane Stephenson - Cool Runnings

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Disciples - Upliftment

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Blues Busters - Soon You'll Be Gone

Blues Busters - Soon You'll Be Gone / I Don't Know

Sunshine/BMN/Dub Store Records JPN1964

¥1480 (US$14.45)

Another smash hit Ska masterpiece by the Blues Busters, the superstar duo who had been dominating the Jamaican pop music industry since the 50’s!! Covering the American hits as their specialty, the popular group had left a number of Jamaican souls, although only a few ska hits. Out of those few, this is undoubtedly another one of the most considerable tunes they had left. An excellent singing melody sparkles on top of the Byron Lee’s iconic softly touched bass line.

Icho Candy - Babylon

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

I Neurologici - Qassam

I Neurologici - Qassam / Qassam Dub

Real Rock EU2014

¥680 (US$6.64) Limited Time Offer

Don Hutson - Got To Leave This Place

Don Hutson - Got To Leave This Place / Dynamite Hudson

Ashandan/Dub Store Records JPN1973

¥1480 (US$14.45)

Recorded in 1973 accompanied by the Wailers, this truly rare masterpiece was fronted by Don Hutson, an executive of the severe Rastafarian organization, Twelve Tribes of Israel. Produced by former Jamaican National Football Team player, Allan ‘Skill’ Cole, it was released by Tuff Gong in 1973 and known as an extremely rare shot that collectors have been searching for all over the place. This beautifully sparkling classic spiritual reggae piece is undoubtedly one of the top 10s released in 1973. If you love reggae, we presume that you won’t be able to avoid this masterpiece.

Vibronics - Jah Music

Estimate Delivery 1-6 weeks

Skatalites - Freedom Sounds

Skatalites - Freedom Sounds / Freedom Sounds (Early Take)

Studio One/Dub Store Records JPN1964

¥1580 (US$15.43)

‘Freedom Sounds’ is the glorious introduction to the iconic Ska LP “Ska Authentic from Studio One”, and also known as the opening theme for the band’s live performances. What’s more exciting is the early take unearthed for the very first time! Although it nearly got released with the 64-65’ masterpiece ‘From Russia With Love’, then eventually got cancelled due to the release of “Ska Authentic” LP. Compare to the ordinary recording that we’re familiar with, the unreleased take comes rougher but that is also brilliant and it will sound miraculously to all the Ska fans. There have been occasions that the band played this version at number of gigs, though it depends on who was leading the performance.

Soul Brothers - James Bond Girl

Soul Brothers - James Bond Girl / Summertair Girls - My Heart Cries Out

Studio One/Dub Store Records JPN1966

¥1580 (US$15.43)

Another classic killer ska from the short-lived Soul Brothers. As of the original on the other side comes a sweet female lovers vocal from a night before the Rocksteady era. Succeeding the authentic ska from the legendary Skatalites then evolving it to the sound of Rocksteady, a fluid session band of Studio One, the Soul Brothers bring another classic instrumental ska tune. Like you can almost smell the perfume of Rocksteady era at its best, here comes a cool and cute lovers tune from Kingston on the other side. When the Soul Brothers were active after the Skatalites, they have certainly lost the thrill of solo performances, though this might have been the Skatalites were just too great.. Recorded from the master tape itself, this take contains slightly different solo compare to the original single.

Little Roy - Still Water

Little Roy - Still Water / Version

Tafari UK1973

¥580 (US$5.66) Limited Time Offer

Tartans - I'm Ready

Tartans - I'm Ready / Rolling Rolling

Merritone/Dub Store Records JPN1966

¥1380 (US$13.48)

A debut song by Tartans, the group consisted of Prince Lincoln, Cedric Myton, Devon Russell and Berg Lewis. Beautiful Rocksteady songs on both sides. Interestingly, the master tape was credited under the name of “Eufhonies” instead of Tartans.

Gaylettes, Lynn Taitt, Jets - Silent River Runs Deep

Gaylettes, Lynn Taitt, Jets - Silent River Runs Deep / I Like Your World

Merritone/Dub Store Records JPN1968

¥1380 (US$13.48)

Judy Mowatt used to form a group called the Gaylettes in her early career although she is known for touring all over the world as a member of I Threes and the Wailers. 'Silent River Runs Deep' is the most known song and a hit for the group. 'I Like Your World' was also originally released on the A-side of another record released on Merritone label. Those recordings of this double A-sided single are certainly great enduring female Rocksteady songs of all time.

Burro Banton - Westmoreland Sensi
Black Brothers - You've Been Saying Things

available in early July 2016

Flames - Zion

available in early July 2016

Time Unlimited - Reactions

available in early July 2016

Blackout JA - Demacrocy

Blackout JA - Demacrocy / Dubsy - Demacrodub

General Piglet Records JPN2016

¥1296 (US$12.66)

Newly launching General Piglet present Demacrocy 7" is landing, and the company is gathering all the troops in order to denounce the whole babylon trickery! For its first release, the general calls upon secret agent Blackout JA to drop a nuclear bomb over all minds, questioning if this thing that they call "democracy" is finally necessary? On the flip is located the second shockwave, a secret weapon, carefully created in our bunker, somewhere in France. Limited to 500 copies only. No repress.