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Best selling Roots Reggae

Jah Joe - Dreadlocks Song

Jah Joe - Dreadlocks Song / Bullwackies All Stars - Dreadlocks Dub

Aires/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1975

¥1180 (US$10.47)

Deep mystical Wackie's production from Jah Joe (aka Joe Axumite) in chanting deejay mode, one of the best 45's on Aires.

Aston 'Family Man' Barrett - Well Pleased

Aston 'Family Man' Barrett - Well Pleased / Pleasing Dub

Fam's/Dub Store Records JPN1981

¥1280 (US$11.35)

Recorded at the same session as Cobra Style, this is a peace and love instrumental that touches your heartstrings. Perhaps designed by Family Man himself, this is a piece to chill out after being done by the killer, Cobra Style as it was originally recorded on the B-side of the same 12” ? a must have for the owner of the latter. Although the instrumentals have traditionally been recorded since the 60’s, due to the cut down on the recording cost, it started to diminish since the end of the 70’s and it was really rare to see them in the 80’s, so that make it an undoubtedly precious and prestige instrumental. Comparing this to Cobra Style, there could be an endless discussion arguing which one is better however since they have such different musical concepts to each other, leave them alone to appreciate the true listening experience.

Family Man, Rebel Arms - Eastern Memphis

Family Man, Rebel Arms - Eastern Memphis / Wailers - Rebel Am I

Cobra/Dub Store Records JPN1973

¥1280 (US$11.35)

This is the quintessence of the Wailers lead by Familyman, playing a killer horn instrumental and the dubwise. Arguably one of the most accomplished reggae instrumentals to date. The Wailers consisting of the Barrett brothers is without a doubt the number one band of the era, showcasing their full confidence which later gets praised by the entire world. The bold and courageous, yet ambitious and highly spirited, everything you need to get out of the Caribbean ghetto to the world is heard in this miraculous recording.

Wailers - Dream Land

Wailers - Dream Land / Dubd Version

Solomonic/Dub Store Records JPN1976

¥1280 (US$11.35)

In 1966, Bunny Wailer started singing spiritual lyrics before anyone else, and this masterpiece he sung about returning to Africa was written while he was still recording for Studio One. Although it was originally recorded for Studio One, it has never seen the day of light. Then Lee Perry recorded it again and released in 1971. This particular take was recorded especially for the album in 1976 and released from Island Records UK as a single.

Patrick Cool - Slave Driver

Patrick Cool - Slave Driver / Version

Jah Life/Bond Export/Deeper Knowledge US198-

¥1180 (US$10.47)

ah Life ran some sessions in the mid '80s at Channel 1 studio, with the then-resident Gifted Roots Band. None of the tracks from those sessions were ever released, until now! The aforementioned Flick Wilson tune came from those sessions, as do these. Three great vocal cuts on one very tough rhythm.

Sir Harry - Power House

Sir Harry - Power House / Version

Sir Collins/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US197-

¥1430 (US$12.68)

"Power House" by Sir Harry, another rare beast from the vaults. This track is alternately know by several names, usually based on the cryptic words spoken by Sir Harry in the intro, and bears no real official title, the original release being only on a blank label. The title "Power House" comes from Charlie Morgan's excellent Studio 1 discography, and we've used it here as a nod to his invaluable work. But on to the music, Sir Harry's tune is not so much his own, as the old time chatter only interjects a few odd phrases here and there. Really the tune is a phenomenal instrumental workout on the same rhythm as "You Touch My Soul", with organ and bongo drum overdubs propelling the awesome rhythm forward, while the Invaders' vocals are heard ever so faintly in the background, bleeding thru from the other track on the 2-track master.

Junior Murvin (Junior Soul) - Rescue The Children

Junior Murvin (Junior Soul) - Rescue The Children / Rescue The Children Version

Move & Groove/Dub Store Records JPN1974

¥1180 (US$10.47)

Recorded in 1974, this is Junior Murvin's first Roots tune ever. Having always been sought after by collectors, this song is possibly the ultimate classic. This is a completely different take from the one Junior Murvin recorded for Lee Perry in 1977 for the “Police and Thieves” LP distributed by Island. Undoubtedly this is one of Murvin’s best tunes, which should be in every collector’s record box.

Keithus I - Red Hot

Keithus I - Red Hot / Dub

Jah Dynasty/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US1975

¥1180 (US$10.47)

"Red Hot" is an utter masterpiece of raw, rough and ready roots from 1975, and Keithus' first tune. Utilizing a killer rhythm provided by the Barrett Bros. Of the Wailers band, and one of the deadliest organ lines from Tyrone "Organ D" Downie!

Al Campbell - Down In Babylon

Al Campbell - Down In Babylon / Version

Channel One/Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge US

¥1180 (US$10.47)

One killer unreleased blast, straight from 29 Maxfield Avenue. Previously unreleased heater from Al Campbell. From the same sessions as produced his great tune "Jah Army" (coming soon!) is this gem, fantastic early '80s roots, licking back some lyrics he did earlier for producer Larry Lawrence's Ethnic label.

Bunny Wailer - Searching For Love

Bunny Wailer - Searching For Love / Tuff Gong All Stars - Must Skank

Solomonic/Dub Store Records JPN1974

¥1480 (US$13.13)

The first release on Bunny's Solomonic label was the reflective and ambitious 'Search For Love' credited to 'Heat, Air & Water'. Bunny sings this yearning song beautifully, the mournful horns play a variant on the traditional 'Waltzing Matilda' melody and an early incarnation of the I Threes provide the harmonious backing vocals.

Peter Tosh, Solomonic Reggae Star - Anti-Apartheid

Peter Tosh, Solomonic Reggae Star - Anti-Apartheid / Solomonic Reggae Star - Solidarity

Solomonic/Dub Store Records JPN1976

¥1480 (US$13.13)

Peter Tosh was the first reggae artist to realise the limitless possibilities of the melodica (listen to the Wailers' first Tuff Gong release 'Sun Is Shining') and here he adds its haunting power to one of Bunny's best ever rhythms the prophetic 'Amagideon' from 'Black Heart Man'. The melodica phrases and the subtle, restrained mixing on both sides of this single bring out all the brooding introspection and mystery in the track.

Bunny Wailer - Amagideon

Bunny Wailer - Amagideon / Amagideon Dub

Solomonic/Dub Store Records JPN1976

¥2180 (US$19.33)

Briefly available on a 12" Island single in the UK to promote Bunny's 'Black Heart Man' album but this is the first time it has been coupled with the awesome Sylvan Morris and Karl Pitterson mixed dub version that first appeared on Bunny's criminally neglected 'Dub D'sco' album. Here we have a totally different mix demonstrating the strength and ability of this authoritative rhythm to take any amount of interpretations. 'Amagideon' was also versioned by Augustus Pablo for his seven inch Message release 'Pablo's Armageddon'.

Bunny Wailer - Rise & Shine

Bunny Wailer - Rise & Shine / Solomonic Dub

Solomonic/Dub Store Records JPN1981

¥2180 (US$19.33)

Bunny continued to release records throughout the seventies that were never less than excellent and, as the new decade got underway, he came forward with one of his best ever releases: the militant clarion call 'Rise And Shine'. Stretched over two momentous sides of a UK twelve inch release, the record was a huge hit, but has been unavailable ever since. Bunny returned to the song on his superb 'Liberation' album at the close of the decade but the original cut has remained one of the most in-demand records on the 'revival' circuit.

Lee Perry - Enter The Ark

Lee Perry - Enter The Ark

Ascension US1971- 1979

Info: Deleted

¥2080 ¥1768 (US$15.68)