Artist: Basic ChannelFollow

Single: Inversion


Label: Basic ChannelFollow

Genre: House | TechnoFollow TechnoFollow

Produced by: Basic Channel

Originally released on: Basic Channel EU

Approx. year: 1994

Music type: Techno Dub

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Also available:
12" Inversion Basic Channel EU
The most impressive charcteristic of these tracks is the further development in sound processing (filtering and modulation), which seems to have no relation to anything else within the genre. 'Inversion' is a rhythm backed journey into the world of coloured noise, while the other side delivers a repetitive, gloomy and metallic sounding ambient piece.
1. 1234 00:17:55
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2. 1234 00:20:39
MP3 $1.29
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Copyright: Basic Channel 1994

Total playing time: 00:38:34