Artist: King ImaniFollow

Single: Life is Perfect


Label: Junior Wize ProductionFollow

Genre: Brand New RootsFollow Conscious Ragga 2009-10Follow

Produced by: Naoyuki Hashimoto

Originally released on: Junior Wize JPN

Approx. year: 2010

Music type: Vocal

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7" Life Is Perfect Junior Wize JPN
• This is the first single released by Junior Wize Production. An heavy and wet Reggae track featuring Rasta singer King Imani from Bobo Hill, Jamaica. Recorded in Tokyo, Japan, by The Paradox Musicians. The third track on a DnB remix tip by Symphonic Defoggers is exclusive to this digital release.
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Catalog number: JWP001

Copyright: Junior Wize Production

Total playing time: 00:13:03