Artist: AkinsanyaFollow

Single: Babylon Wah Gan(g) Ja


Label: Junior Wize ProductionFollow

Genre: Brand New RootsFollow Conscious Ragga 2013-14Follow

Produced by: Junior Wize

Approx. year: 2014

Music type: Vocal

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• Japan's Junior Wize Production release their brand new single, the second one with Jamaican dub poet Akinsanya.
Akinsanya, a Jamaican Dub Poet, again teams up with Junior Wize following to their previous single "Defender of Faith (2013)". This time, he shares his social commentary on Jamaica's up-to-date topic, Ganja legalization. A pre-release single from his upcoming album.
1. 123 00:04:30
MP3 $0.99
WAV $1.49
FLAC $1.49

Catalog number: JWPDD005

Copyright: Junior Wize Production

Total playing time: 00:04:30