Artist: Dub GabrielFollow feat. Ranking JoeFollow

Album: Freedom Fighter (feat. Ranking Joe) - Single


Label: Destroy All ConceptsFollow

Genre: Digital Dancehall | SteppersFollow Digital Dancehall '13-14Follow

Produced by: Dub Gabriel

Approx. year: 2014

Music type: Stepper, Dub

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• --- EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD of Dubsworth & Tapa's remix of Freedom Fighter by Dub Gabriel with Ranking Joe! ---
Dub Gabriel returns with his third release of his single series, this time with a true reggae legend, Ranking Joe! Another legend on the remix too with Rob Smith from Smith & Mighty under his RSD alias. Mastered in London by the legendary Kevin Metcalfe. The Dubsworth & Tapa's remix is exclusive to ReggaeRecord Downloads, grab it now!
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Catalog number: DAC020

Copyright: (P) 2014 Destroy All Concepts

Total playing time: 00:13:02