Artist: King KongFollow

Single: Don't Tell Me Your Loving


Label: Prince Jammys Dub / Dub Store RecordsFollow

Rhythm Track: World A Music/JamrockFollow

Genre: Dancehall 80sFollow Heavyweight Ragga '85-92Follow

Produced by: Lloyd James

Approx. year: 1988

Music type: Vocal

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• A hidden gem from the "out of key" virtuoso, King Kong. Recorded for Jammys in the 80's, after being buried for nearly 30 years., it's finally seeing the light of day! King Kong's ironic lyrics riding on the rugged bassline and heavyweight one drop rhythm. Available in WAV&FLAC at the MP3 price.
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Catalog number: DSR-LJU7-14

Copyright: Dub Store Records

Total playing time: 00:06:57