Artist: Junior Murvin / Anthony JohnsonFollow

Single: Jack Slick / Dancehall Vibes


Label: Jammys / Dub Store RecordsFollow

Rhythm Track: Jack SlickFollow

Genre: Dancehall 80sFollow Heavyweight Ragga '85-92Follow

Produced by: Lloyd James

Approx. year: 1987

Music type: Vocal

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7" Jack Slick Jammys/Dub Store Records JPN
• Junior Murvin is well known for his 70's Roots work but he continued his career during the dancehall period and released the 'Apartheid' album at Jammys. This heavy weight dancehall song 'Jack Slick' was on the album and was also released on a 12" single vinyl. On the B side, 'Dancehall Vibes' by Anthony Johnson on the same rhythm but with different arrangements was only released as a 12"single vinyl.
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Catalog number: DSR-LJ7-009

Copyright: 2010 Dub Store Records

Total playing time: 00:08:02