Artist: Johnny Osbourne / Trevor LevyFollow

Single: Line Up / Nah Run From No Clash


Label: Firehouse / Dub Store RecordsFollow

Genre: Dancehall 80sFollow Heavyweight Ragga '85-92Follow

Produced by: King Tubby

Approx. year: 1988

Music type: Vocal

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• When it comes to name the best Dancehall compilation album, many will mention an album called "Sound Clash Dubplate Style" produced by King Tubby. "Line Up" by Johnny Osbourne was taken from this album, where he showcases his enchanting melodies and lyrics. Trevor Levy's voice echoes calmly with vigorous lyrics on the flip side. Also both songs feature an introduction by the legendary MC Fuzzy Jones.
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Catalog number: DSR-OR7-004

Copyright: 2010 Dub Store Records

Total playing time: 00:08:18