Artist: Peter King and Art & NaramFollow

Single: One Shot Of Vodka / Honeybadger Riddim


Label: JahtariFollow

Genre: Digital Dancehall | SteppersFollow Digital Dancehall '13-14Follow

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• Presented in an unique floppy disc styee - oh wait some of you might not even know this format lol - Jahtari outta Leipzig dropping two badass digital boomer and this one styled by Peter King, produced by Naram and Art the Red Robin duo, is a lyrical interpretation of "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" which has been covered in Jamaican music numeros time for over half a century. Like "Bad Memory" this raggamuffin deejay's got some real stories to tell! Highly recommended. Also check out the heavy offbeat hiphop infused dub by Monkey Marc as well. Boom bits!
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Catalog number: JTR7-11

Copyright: Jahtari

Total playing time: 00:06:24