Artist: Kiddus IFollow

Single: Graduation In Zion (Cheer Up) / Graduration In Zion Version


Label: Shepherd / Dub Store RecordsFollow

Genre: Roots ReggaeFollow Roots Reggae 70sFollow

Produced by: Kiddus I

Approx. year: 1979

Music type: Vocal

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12" Graduation In Zion (Cheer Up) Shepherd/Dub Store Records JPN
• Unreleased long version of the renowned song 'Graduation in Zion' from the movie 'Rockers'. While Jack Ruby was working with Burning Spear during 1975, Kiddus I was also producing some songs with Jack. Theodore Bafaloukos, the director of the movie 'Rockers', encountered their studio session and asked him if he could use the scene and song in the movie. This is why the song was never released, officially. A few years later, Kiddus I recorded this proper version and it allows listeners to see a pure majestic 'vision' of Kiddus I. The B-side contains a full-length version to the A-side.
DRUMS: Mikcy Boo BASS: Chris Meredith LEAD GUITAR: Earl "chinna" Smith KEYBOARD: Ozou'ne PERCUSSION: Kiddus I BACKING VOCALS: Ken Bob, Kiddus I, I Seers
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Catalog number: DSR-KI12-02

Copyright: 2011 Dub Store Records

Total playing time: 00:16:48