Artist: Keith & TexFollow

Single: Run To The Rocks / Let Me Be The One


Label: Move & Groove / Dub Store RecordsFollow

Genre: ReggaeFollow Early Reggae 1970-1973Follow

Produced by: Derrick Harriott

Approx. year: 1969

Music type: Vocal

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7" Run To The Rocks Move & Groove/Dub Store Records JPN
• Originally released in 1969 by Keith & Tex, who were the favorite duo during the Rocksteady era, this up-tempo tune introduced the beginning of Reggae's new style. Keith & Tex' high quality music never disappointed. This reissue by Dub Store Records comes with its two original songs on both sides.
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Catalog number: DSR-DH7-015

Copyright: 2012 Dub Store Records

Total playing time: 00:05:50