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Junior Wize

My favorite Nyahbinghi tracks
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Junior Wize
My favorite Nyahbinghi tracks

Genre: Roots Reggae
Date: Oct 23, 2015

Junior Wize is the producer and engineer of Junior Wize Production, a Reggae music production formed in 2007. The collective teams up with numerous Japanese and international artists and bought up its first 7" single in 2010 with Jamaican artist King Imani's "Life Is Perfect". Since then releases have featured the likes of Soom T, Carl Meeks, Sweeney Williams, Levi Myaz, Smiley Song, Jahmelik and Trial Production. Check this label for more quality Reggae & Rastafari music at ReggaeRecord Downloads!
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Junior Wize Production Interview

Can you tell us about some ongoing project you have been working on?

I am aiming to release a collaboratio EP with Akinsanya by the end of the year. Five tracks including two new rhythms from Junior Wize prod. and some unreleased melodica instrumentals from Uprising Roots will be released on Jamaican press CD.

On 16th October 2015 I also released |444893|Message Riddim| rhythm album. Some of them have already been around as singles but I remastered them all and put it out as an 8 track album including a remix from Symphonic Defoggers.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I will be producing and releasing lots of new music. Just met a few pals lately and we have been working on something new. There is nothing but encouragement in my game.

Message to the RRDL members

I picked up a few personal Niyabinghi favorites from the catalogue. I hope you enjoy my selection. It’s already been 8 years since I started as Junior Wize in 2007. Now I am very much focused on what I am willing to do with my music. Give thanks to all my friends out there who support me on daily basis. I will respond to you all by releasing new music. Thank you.

Thank you very much!

Contact Info

juniorwize at gmail dot com
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