DJ Charts Summary
DJ Charts Summary
Jabba Da Hutt selects modern days roots that he feels have been influenced by the good old roots music back in the 70's. Even though the sound is based around it's origin, he feels those are the quality upgrades and should be considered as "authentic reggae" in year 2018. Let's all listen to those on the soundsystem, shall we?
When people think of Jungle they tend to imagine Ragga deejays riding the rhythms however that's not the only form of this music and here Yahman selects powerful vocal songs such as track 7 showcasing energetic combination of vocal and MC. Get ready!
DJ YAHMAN (Tribal Connection)
Jungle Vocals

Genre: Reggae Jungle | Dubstep
Date: Mar 7, 2018
From mid 70’s Lovers Rock has played a huge role in Jamaican communities across the UK. It fuses reggae bassline, essence of soul and the message of love that resulted in so many hits that ornamented the UK scene. Here Jabba Da Hutt picks lovers rock played by live bands in the 70’s to early 80’s.
Yahman decided to pickup tunes that are not in “Ragga Jungle / Raggae Dubstep” section. As Jungle is now a cross-cultural and can be seen or heard in broad style he thought of picking tunes to mix with other genre including Dubstep, Trap, Footwork to name a few.
Katsunori selects music ranging from world music, R&B, rocksteady, funk and soul for keeping you warm whilist driving in the cold winter.
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Jabba Da Hutt (Select One / ABSOLUTE RECORDINGS)
DJ YAHMAN (Tribal Connection)
Jabba Da Hutt (Select One / ABSOLUTE RECORDINGS)
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Jabba Da Hutt (Select One / ABSOLUTE RECORDINGS)
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Katsunori Hiraiwa (HF International)
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