DJ Charts Summary
DJ Charts Summary
UK dub label Roots Temple owner & producer Chazbo picks his favourite Jah Shaka productions. Seriously good dubs!
Jah Shaka Selection

Genre: UK Roots | Dub
Date: Nov 17, 2017
Katsunori picks music for driving around illuminated city with carefully selected reggae, rocksteady, lovers rock, soul, R&B and what not. Be prepared to get things started!
Cham a.k.a. Baby Cham a.k.a. Ghetto Story is coming to the land of rising sun next week! In anticipation of the rebel star’s arrival we’ve selected 10 of his mega hits to recent masterworks to celebrate this gifted deejay. Make sure you tune into them before you hit the venue!
RRDL staff
Cham Selection

Genre: Dancehall 90s
Date: Nov 13, 2017
[How you been Jane? After our last interview around the time “The Demo Tape” was out you’ve had a striking release on Grand Ancestor] Thank you. I'm fine. First of all, I'd like you to know that I appreciate this 2nd interview with you a lot! It's a blessing for me to get supported from you in such a way. Pure niceness! Yes, that release on Grand Ancestor was my „Careless Lover“ on a super deep and obscur riddim by the one and only Naram. The tune was featured on my DemoTape and Grand Ancestor picked it out for their label when I was touring together with Rootah from Jahtari in overseas at places like Washington and Nu York. The tune was released last summer and it became my first 7inch. It was sold all over the world and it reached the no. 1 in the reggae charts of a very renowned UK distributer. It was played by Greats like Manasseh, promoting the tune with a proper speech and it became my first BBC air play when Kahn & Neek were featuring it in one of their Essential Mixes. Grand Ancestor crew has become fam since we linked the first time in DC where I performed at their show. [Tell us about your new label Wild East! It clearly seems like an homage to Super Cat] It was very good to start with an own label. To be independent with my music and the style. I know a lot of people, a lot of artists, too. However, I'm also lucky because I have a partner in crime. His name is Stephan Rendke, he is supporting my music since I released my DemoTape. We share the work and thing - and we make decisions together which is really helpful. To name the label "Wild East“ and to draw a design with an apache girl is an exemplification and a homage at the same time. It embodies my state of mind, growing up countryside as a child, always out and free on the fields and forest together with my cowboy cousins and their gang and me having my bow and arrows carved out of hazelwood. In addition, it pays tribute to certain DJ's and crews and to the styles they originated mainly in the 80's. The Wild Apaches and Wild Indians, all Horseman Crew and the Outlaws them. Super Cat is definetely the DJ who had the most impact on me, fever all the way. Followed by Sassafrass the original horseman - Black Scorpio DJ and my teacher of that class for the last decade. Big shouts to the whole Black Scorpio crew, to Skengdon, to man like Junior Cat and all those bad DJ's with the cowboy names! Also not to forget to mention Early B the doc - intrinsically tied to the Wild Apaches - same way as the Demus family. I'm highly inspirated by those artists, to me they're most legendary. When I came across their music and history in the early 2000's, it was a true revelation to me. Then again living in the east of Germany, Wild East (Movement) was the name of the first sound I was linked to. I learned my first skills in selecting records there by end of the 90's. So I asked the founder of the sound for permission to use the name for the label, explained the background to him and he agreed and said: „gwaan and let the name live on“. ["My Crew" is a strong tune and has very unique rhythm features voice percussion all the way. How did this all come along?] For "My Crew“ I had a demo from the Canadian dub producer Early W~rm. It sounded kinda 90's bashment, very punchy and way different from other releases in our days. The idea of it was truly something else, I was totally feeling it. Unfortunately it did not work out as a tune. I had to decide then on wether to use another version or let someone relick the riddim. I wanted to stick to it and keep it. So, I finally linked with Basil Toyo, an MC and friend of mine. Making riddims is one of his hobbies. He has mad beatbox skills, too. Most people like beatbox but it is rare in the dancehall, so I wanted it for my tune. Something unique and fresh, especially for our first release. Basil Toyo relicked the riddim by mixing 80's dancehall vibes with 90's hip hop style beatboxing. 50% of the final version of my tune "My Crew“ is beatbox. The "My Kru“ flipside of the 7inch is a 100% BeatBox Version. Basil Toyo, the artist, and T. Loy the producer and 2nd writer is actually the same person. And definetely our engineer did a great job in arranging and mixing the tune. Big time big up! They made it sound like I thought it should. [What’s cooking in the pipeline? ] Right now the next release on Wild East is in the making. I will be featured with a tune called „Rock It On“ and my teacher Sassafras will be on it with „Hold A Medz“. The riddim is by Brigadier JC from Roots Factory (UK). I will release a video for it, too. "My Crew“ and „Rock It On“ are tunes I wrote in 2014. So, there are a lot others I did in the meantime. I'm thinking about a bigger project for these. Regular voice training has become a must. I want to create my own Waterhouse Style more and more. I love Nitty Gritty, Tenor Saw etc. but I cannot sound like them, I want to sound like myself, Jane Bee. Traveling far, combinations are waiting, more releases. [Thank you very much Jane!]
Jane Bee
Interview & Horsewoman Stylee Selection

Genre: Dancehall 80s
Date: Nov 10, 2017
Some of you may not be fond of chilly weather transition between autumn and winter, so Yahman selects snuggling jungle tunes to warm up the vibes. Once you get into the vibe do go and check his regular jungle dance “Tribal Connection” in Tokyo town. According to him jungle music is a genre developed in the soundsystem culture so it would have never been possible without reggae and dubs. Vibe with the big chunky bass!
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