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DJ Charts Summary
Irie Ites
Irie Ites Chart Selection of 25 tunes

Genre: Brand New Roots
Date: Sep 28, 2018
"What is slow jungle? Many of the jungle tunes are set at around 170-175bpm which is briefly double the speed of medium reggae therefore physically it feels so fast however the bassline on the other hand moves in half the speed of the drums so if you listen to bass on its own you won't feel the speed of the drums. Interesting right? What I will introduce this time is a term called slow jungle, some people call it 130/140 jungle. When you listen to jungle on big soundsystem you'd realise the impact is not only based on its speed. From DJ point of view slow jungle could be mixed with dubstep, grime and house. One of the slowest tunes here by Pangaea is fully influenced by soundsystem music so even though it has jungle elements it could also be taken as house and techno which I've been into lately." DJ Yahman
DJ YAHMAN (Tribal Connection)
Slow Jungle

Genre: Reggae Jungle | Dubstep
Date: Jun 5, 2018
[Forthcoming releases] New album Digital Lab vol. 4, 5 & 6 Digital Kingston Session (Season 2) [Forthcoming gigs] 11/05/2018 Salon Bolivar // Mexico City (MEXICO) 12/05/2018 Teotihuacan // Mexico City (MEXICO) 06/06/2018 Rototom Launch Party // Barcelona (SPAIN) 08/06/2018 Eden Festival // St Anns (SCOTLAND) 09/06/2018 Positive Festival // Liverpool (UK) 22/06/2018 Cultural Reggae Vibez // Cervna (CZECK REPUBLIC) 07/07/2018 Cabaret Sauvage // Paris (FRANCE) 20/07/2018 Bababoom Festival // Fermo (ITALY) 21/07/2018 Lagata Reggae // Zaragoza (SPAIN) 05/08/2018 Nomade Reggae Festival // Frangy (FRANCE) 24/08/2018 Newave Festival // Seignosse (FRANCE) 20/10/2018 Issoudun reggae temple // Issoudun (FRANCE) 26/10/2018 Le Silex // Auxerre (FRANCE) 31/10/2018 Vibrations Urbaines // Pessac (FRANCE) 15/12/2018 Trabendo // Paris (FRANCE) 25/01/2019 La Laiterie // Strasbourg (FRANCE) [Booking] vincent (at) xrayproduction (dot) com [Message] Arigato Reggae Records Download ! Hope to come soon in Japan !
From veteran General Degree to up and coming UK artist Malicious, Yahman picks what he describes as "interesting Jungle music with deejays and MCs that stands out the way lyrics are delivered also considering their ever evolving characteristic voice" Although it's a list of full on jungle bits he recommends the last two tunes to the Grime and Dubstep heads. He also insists that sometimes random reggae labels put out rare Jungle remix of certain deejays so it's really about the broad spectrum of digging!
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