DJ Charts Summary
DJ Charts Summary
10 absolutely genre defining reggae music anthems from the gifted and highly praised reggae bands from 70’s onwards including recently reformed Zap Pow, Inner Circle, Soul Syndicate, Chalice, Third World to name a few. Feel the overwhelming, inexplicable raw grooves of rastaman music.
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10 Authentic Reggae Anthems: Band Edition

Genre: Roots Reggae
Date: Oct 18, 2017
Brand new reggae seems to be full of crystal clear R&B, afrobeats crossover nowadays however here we've picked refined one drops and other medium killer roots tunes to nice up your sounds. Obviously Jesse Royal album is huge although it comes down to a solid selection of artists from JA, US, UK to EU and South America. For all roots lovers as well as dancehall heads check this!
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Brand New Medium: Killers Roots Oct 2017

Genre: Brand New Roots
Date: Oct 17, 2017
As it happens to be an enormous month full of good music Jungle Rock decided to do an album special! His personal favourite Sully’s 8 tracker for Keysound, a Zed Bias album for Exit as well as footwork institute Teklife’s strong two titles and hot grime party and label Boxed number 4. Check all of it and you won’t regret!
10 Hot Dance Music: Album Special

Genre: Bass Music
Date: Oct 12, 2017
Fiding out top notch musicians jamming with a rhythm box playing roots is a real pleasure. The combination of real instruments with monotonous beat generated by the rhythm box makes a weird yet pleasant atmosphere. Warrior Dread fantasizes that Rhythm & Sound / Basic Channel may have been influenced by those sounds.. Cheap electronic instruments getting used in digital dancehall is no stranger however in roots music it's a real game changer!
[Interview with Black Star Foundation] [Please introduce yourself] Black Star Foundation is a non-profit organization, based in Amsterdam (Holland). Our goal is to promote reggae music in every possible way, so we organize reggae events and concerts, manage and handle bookings for artists/bands, publish music on our own label and support and develop new talent. Early next year, on April 15th 2018, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary! The foundation came to live in 2003 when Michelle, the founder of Black Star Foundation, lived and worked in Ghana (West-Africa). She was impressed by all the musical talent she saw and came up with the idea to start an organization and bring some of these artists to Europe. Black Star Foundation invited two Ghanaian artists (Black Prophet and Osagyefo) to come to Holland. Soon Den-Den joined forced with Michelle and we started up Black Star Sound (2005) as support DJ for our artists and events. The first few years our focus was on (reggae) artists from Ghana, but soon we shifted to reggae music in general. We started to work with local talents, but also organise concerts for big reggae artists. In 2007 we started up Black Star label. We met producer Asher-E and we recorded an album which Osagyefo (Ghana) so we decided to release it ourselves. Since then we created a small catalogue with our own productions: 2 singles, 3 more artist albums and 3 different riddim samplers with different artists. In total we released up to 70 tunes so far. Music done by Asher-E (Holland) and/or Firehouse Crew (Jamaica) for Black Star Foundation. For more information about Black Star Foundation, see: [Tell us about your new music Exile Di Brave] |894546|Exile Di Brave Meets Black Star||| is our latest release. It is a 6-track EP, with 5 vocal cuts and 1 dub. We met Exile a few years ago on Reggae Geel Festival (Belgium), we worked with him at Rototom Sunsplash Festival (Spain) and we became friends. Black Star Sound played a few times on Vinyl Thursdays in Kingston (Jamaica), and we loved it so much, we organized a Vinyl Thursdays in Amsterdam last year, together with a big part of the original Kingston crew (Infinity, Kazam Davis and Exile Di Brave). While Exile Di Brave was in Amsterdam we played a tune we recorded with our friend and taxi driver Red Ash in Kingston (Jamaica). Exile Di Brave started to DJ on it. This was so nice, he voiced ’|894550|Spend My Money|||’ straight away in our living room. That is how this EP started. It is a versatile EP with roots, steppers, dancehall, ska and dub. We want to show the different sides of Exile Di Brave on this 6-track album.W [Is there a particular sound (stye of music) you obsessed with?] For me, Den-Den (Selector Black Star Sound), it is hard to answer. First of all, I love all music. Not only reggae. But my love and passion, is really for reggae/Jamaican music. I love the 70’s for it’s vocal harmonies, the 80’s for Volcano and Jammy’s (early Dancehall) and the 90’s till now for all roots orientated reggae music. And I’m crazy about 45'' vinyl. And for Michelle: I listen to everything, but I really love reggae music. Easy vibes and positive vibrations. I especially love old school Jamaican ska, rocksteady and roots reggae. [What can we expect from the label in the future?] In the near future, we have new 3 releases coming up: “Asher-E - The Black Star Melodies”, a melodica album with 8 tracks. Asher-E is our producer, he plays most of the instruments on our productions, and he loves to play melodica. “Leah Rosier - The Black Star Tracks”, 10 vocal cuts plus 1 dub. Leah Rosier is a female reggae singer from Amsterdam and this will be her third album. “World of Righteousness Riddim”, a riddim sampler with 9 vocal and 1 melodica cut. A deep roots riddim with versions of Luciano, Anthony B, Mikey General, Jahbar I (Jamaica), Marlon Asher (Trinidad), Leah Rosier, Rapha Pico, Robina, Asher-E and Brainpower (Holland). We also hope to release our first 45 vinyl single soon! Next year, to celebrate our 15th anniversary, we will do a tour with Black Star Sound. A special DJ-set with strictly Black Star productions & dubplates, combined with live artists (Leah Rosier, Asher-E and other artists). [Thank you very much Den-Den, Michelle!]
Black Star Foundation
Ganja Tune Selection

Genre: Dancehall 80s
Date: Oct 6, 2017
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