- Protection of your personal information
- Customer's rights
- Privacy Agreement
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At Downloads any personal information provided by our customers is encoded through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Such information is saved only on the Downloads server. And whenever we refer to the information, the line is secured by SSL. We are constantly using the latest security technology standards in order to protect your personal information.


- To cancel or change the subscription of our mail magazine:

You may cancel the subscription of our mailing service or change the settings at any time. We send mail magazines containing useful information and latest updates occasionally to customers who have registered an account with us. If you wish to cancel the subscription of all or some of our mail magazines, please go to MyPage and change your settings (If you have more than one account with us, you will need to cancel from all the accounts). Regardless of the subscription settings, we will continue to send order confirmations by email.

- To cancel membership:

If you wish to cancel your membership account at Downloads, please send us an e-mail with the subject "Please cancel my membership" to After receiving the e-mail, we will cancel your membership and delete all your information from the Downloads server.


Any content of transaction or personal information that you provided us through Downloads server is used and managed only for the purpose of our business operation. We take particular care to protect your private information. Any personal information collected by us during business operations will not be passed to a third party without the customer's consent except in the following cases where;
(1) The disclosure of information was requested by official organs such as ministries and agencies based on their legal authority,
(2) We consider it necessary to disclose the information to protect the service provider's or customer's rights, benefits, dignity, trust and so on, or
(3) It is necessary to disclose the information in order to conduct business with our group companies and consolidated companies. In case of (3), we will demand the relevant group companies and consolidated companies to manage the information appropriately and we will set an agreement for handling personal information according to our customers' privacy policy.


Cookies are small data files that can be stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive in order to collect Downloads’ website data and to improve your experience on our website by recognizing your previous visits. If you do not wish Cookies to be attached to your browser you can change your browser settings to prevent this.