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'African Brothers Band International'
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Artists Labels Title Rhythm Track Producer
Isley Brothers
101 Band
12 Tribes Band
12 Tribes Of Israel Band
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Featuring Des'Ray & D-Rock
20th Centry Steel Band
20th Century Steel Band
3rd Generation Band
5 Chavis Brothers
7th Extension Band
809 Band
Abbashanti Band
Adc Band
Addrisi Brothers
Affectionate Brothers
Afraican Brothers
African Boy
African Brothers
African Brothers (Derrick Howard)
African Brothers/Rupie Edwards All Stars
African Bush Doctor
African Children
African Descendants
African Disciples
African Disco Power
African Dreamland
African Explosion
African Head Charge
African Heritage
African Jamaicans
African Messengers
African Museum
African Music Machine
African Pearl
African People
African Roots Of Jazz Feat. Carlos Ni、o & Friends
African Simba
African Simba And Rootah
African Star
African Stone
African Stones
African Symbol
African Vibration
African Youth
Africans With Mainframes
Afrikhaya Band
Afro Kelenkye Band
Agro Band
Akila Barrett feat. Wailers Band
Akin & The Afrobeat Brothers
Al Brown & Star Band
Al Browne Band
Albert King / Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Alin Coen Band
All African Unity
Allman Betts Band
Allman Brothers
Allman Brothers Band
Alpha Boys Band
Amen Brother Disco Band
American Band
Ames Brothers
Amharic Band
Angelic Brothers
Apagya Showband
Apendics.shuffle/bulgur Brothers
Ark Band
Artikal Band
Aston 'Family Man' Barrett & The Wailers Band
Atili Bandalero
Average White Band
Average White Band & Ben E. King
Avett Brothers
Awa Band
Baba Brooks & His Band
Baba Brooks Band
Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
Baker Brothers
Bambibanda E Melodie
Band & Queen
Band Apart
Band Of Blacky Ranchette
Band Of Horses
Band Of Pain
Band Of Pain/nurse With Wound
Band Of Skulls
Band Of The Black Watch
Band Perry
Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra Taller De Musics
Banda Black Rio
Banda Los Hijos De La Nina Luz
Banda Maje
Banda Taurina
Banda Uniao Black
Bandi Leggz
Bandulu & Disx3
Barrino Brothers
Bass Communion/freiband
Bassculture Family Band
Beats International
Bees Band
Bell Brothers
Ben Gunn Mento Band
Ben Miller Band
Beta Band
Beth Hart Band
Big Apple Band
Big M Band
Big Shot Road Show Band
Big Ska Band
Big Youth Band
Billy Cotton & His Band
Black African
Black Africans
Black Brothers
Black Culture Band
Black Decipiles Band
Black Diamond Band
Black Ivory/the Fatback Band
Black Liberators Band
Black Liberrators Band
Black Lion Band
Black Scorpio Band
Black Starline Band
Black Truth Rhythm Band
Blaze Band
Blood Relatives & Friends Band
Blues Brothers
BMX Bandits
Bob Dylan / The Band
Bob Dylan & The Band
Bob Scobey's Frisco Band
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band
Boom Bandimite
Bootsy's Rubber Band
Booty's Rubber Band
Bosom Blues Band
Boston Brothers
Bound By Brothers
Boys In The Band
Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band
Brazil Serenaders String Band
Brent Dowe & Zap Pow Band
Brentford Boggie Band
Brentford Disco Band
Brentford Rhythm Band
Brooklyn Brothers
Brooks Brothers
Brothers And Sisters
Brothers Grimm
Brothers Johnson
Brothers Of Reggae
Brothers Of Soul
Brothers Osborne
Brothers Unconnected
Brothers Unlimited
Bruce Lee Band
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band
Brute Force Steel Band
Buddy Jay's Jamaican Band
Budos Band
Buena Vista Steel Band
Buffalo Brothers
Bumption Band
Burrell Brothers
Buster Brown Band
Butts Band
Cahrlie Daniels Band
Cairo Band
Calimbo Steel Band
Campbell Brothers
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Captain Beefheart And Magic Band
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band
Carib Band
Caribbean Showband
Cario Jazz Band
Carla band
Carlos Jones & The Plus Band
Carribean Disco Band
Chaino & His African Percussion Safari
Chaino And His African Percussion Safari
Chakachas/the Mol Percussion Band
Chalwa Band
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Charlie Daniels Band
Charmer's Big Band
Charmers Band
Charmers Big Band
Chemical Brothers
Chocolate Watch Band
Chokey Taylor Swamp band
Chosen Brothers
Chosen People Band
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & The Ngozi Family Band
Chuck Booker's Band
Chuck Tillman Band
Circle City Band
Citizen's Band
Citizens Band
City Heat Band
Clarke Boland Big Band
Clarke-Boland Big Band
Climax Blues Band
Clinark With Poor Man Friend Band
Coffee & Cigarettes Band
Cold Crush Brothers
Collins Band
Colman Brothers
Conan O'Brien & The Legally Prohibited Band
Concet Band
Conjunto Jovens Africanos
Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band
Cooper Brothers
Coral Islanders And His Steel Band
Cornelius Brothers
Count Buffalo & His Rock Band
Count Ossie & African Drums
Count Ossie & His African Drums
Count Ossie Band
Crawford Brothers
Crazy Ken Band
Crystal Bandito
CSC Funk Band
CT Band
Cuban Brothers
Cuban Marimba Band
Cultural Sound Band
Cutlass Dance Band
D Roy Band
D' Rebels Band
D-roy Band
D. Roy Band
D.r. Hooker Band
Dahlak Band
Dan Band
Dao Bandon
Dave Matthews Band
David Bromberg Band
Dazz Band
Deadstring Brothers
Dean Frazier & Roots Radics Band
Debo Band
Deep Listening Band
Dejan's Olympia Brass Band
Derobe Dance Band
Desert Rose Band
Devine Brothers
Diapositive Band
Diciples Band
Digital Brothers
Dingle Brothers
Dingles Brothers
Disco Dub Band
Divine Brothers
Don Van Vliet & The Magic Band-live At Bickershaw
Doobie Brothers
Douglas Boothe's Band
Douglas Brothers
DP Band
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Dr. Sir Warrior & His Oriental Brothers International
Dub Band
Dub Station Band
Dudley Smith's Steel Band
Duke Reid Band
Dur-dur Band
Dust Brothers
Dyed Soundorom Vs. Brothers' Vibe
Dynamic Band
E. 225 Th St. Band
E. Rieband
East 225th Street Band
Ebony Brothers
Eclipse Band
Eddie Rieband
Eddy Band
Egypt 80 Band
Elements Band
Eli Goulart e Banda Do Mato
Ellen Birath Band
Ellen Jacksn Big Star Band
Eller Brothers & Ross Brown
Emil Viklicky Studio Big Band
Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band
Erik Sumo Band
Esa & His Afro-Synth Band
Ethnic Fight Band
Etta James & The Roots Band
Eureka Brass Band
Everly Brothers
Evolutionary Jass Band
Experimental Pop Band
Experimental Tropic Blues Band
Expression Band
Exprssion Band
Faith Brothers
Faithful Brothers
Family Band
Far East Band
Far East Family Band
Fatback Band
Fatback Band / Dizzy Gillespie
Felix Laband
Felix Laband / Beanfield
Festival Big Band
First Serenade Band
Flaviola Eo Bando Do Sol
Fleetwood Mac & The Christine Perfect Band
Flower Travellin' Band
Folk Brothers
Folkes Brothers
Folks Brothers
Four Tielman Brothers
Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band
Francy Boland Big Band
Freddie Terrell & The Soul Expedition Band
Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band
Friction Band
Friendly Fire Band
Gap Band
Garwood Brothers
Gentry Brothers
Gerry Mulligan & The Concert Jazz Band
Ghetto Brothers
Gibson Brothers
Gifted Roots Band
Ginger Johnson And His African Messengers
Gladiator Band
Gladiators Band
Gladstone Anderson All Stars Band
Gladuators Band
GLP Band
Good Samaritan Brothers
Governor's State University Jazz Band
Gradiator Band
Gramophone Allstars Big Band
Griffin Brothers
Griffin Brothers Orchestra
Guitar Lightnin' Lee And His Thunder Band
Gumption Band
Gutter Brothers
Hackney Colliery Band
Hailu Mergia and Dahlak Band
Half Moon Band
Happiness Unlimited Band
Happy Jawbone Family Band
Harare Mambo Band
Harlem Underground Band
Harmony Brothers
Harmony Kings International Band
Harold Y Su Banda
Harper Brinson Band
Hayman Kupa Band
Heavy Duty Band
Heikki Sarmanto Big Band
Hell's Gate Steel Band
Her Pixieland Band
HF International
High Rock Band
High Society Brothers
High Time Band
High Times Band
High Wolf Vs The Durian Brothers
Highlighters Band
His African Drums
His Band
His Happy Steel Band
His Magic Band
His Ogiza Dance Band
His Original Brothers International Band
His Playboy Band
Hobart Brothers
Hoffner Brothers
Hofner Brothers
Hofners Brothers
Hot 8 Brass Band
Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies
Howlin' Brothers
Hubert Smith Jr Esso Steel Band
Hubert Smith Jr. Esso Steel Band
Humble Brothers
I&I Band
I.S.C.A.C. Band / La Bruno
Ian Gillan Band
Ian McLagan & The Bump Band
Iftin Band
Imperial Band
Imperial Majestic Band
In Cloud Band
In Crowd Band
Incredible Bongo Band
Incredible String Band
Incrowd Band
Innerheart Band
International All Stars
International Focus
International Music System
International Music System/patricia Harris
International Orchestra
International Pony
International Reggae All Stars
International Soleil Band
International Submarine Band
International Taya
Irie Darlings Band
Isley Brothers
Ital Foundation Band
Itopia Band
J B International
J Geils Band
J Monque'd Blues Band
J. Geils Band
J.B.'s Internationals
Jack Payne & His Band
Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers
Jackson And His Computer Band
Jackson And His Computerband
Jah Children Band
Jah Son Band
Jah Works International
Jam Band
Jam Down Band
Jama Band
Jamaica All Stars Steel Band
Jamaica Constabulary Force Band
Jamaica Military Band
Jamaica National Band
James Cotton's Blues Band
James Walsh Gypsy Band
Jammy's Studio Band
Janice Graham Band
Janis & Kozmic Blues Band
Jayson Brothers
Jazz Mazzwhoto Band
JB's Internationals
Jee Jee Band
Jeff Healey Band
Jellybean Bandits
Jem now Gem Band
Jerry Garcia Band
Jimi Ben Band
Joe Simon With Johnny Heartsman Band
Joe White Recording Band
Joe With The Flower Travellin' Band
Joey Negro And The Sunburst Band
John Hall Band
John Lee Hooker & The Coast To Coast Blues Band
John Lennon & Yoko Ono / The Plastic Ono Band With Elephants Memory And Invisible Strings
John Lennon / The Plastic Ono Band
John Scofield Band
John Wesley Dickson Band
Jolly Brothers
Jonas Gwangwa And African Explosion
Jones Brothers
Journalist Bandoo
JPC Band
Julius Wechter & Baja Marimba Band
Jungle Band
Jungle Brothers
Junior Wells' Chicago Blues Band
Just Brothers
Kaleta & Super Yamba Band
Kashmere Stage Band
Katzenjammers Steelband
KC & The Sunshine Band
KC and the Sunshine Band
Kelenkye Band
Kelly Brothers
Kenny Clarke Francy Boland Big Band
Kenny Mann Jr. & Liquid Pleasure Band
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
Kg Band
Kham Lingtsang Band
Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
Killer Funk Allstars Big Band
Kodama And The Dub Station Band
Kopecky Family Band
Kotey Extra Band
Krumpers Brass Band
Kuhn Brothers & The Mad Rockers
La Band Del Brasiliano
La Logia Sarabanda
La Nueva Banda De Santisteban
Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Lasana Bandele
Last Internationale
Latin Blues Band Feat. Luis Aviles
Latin Soul Brothers
Lawbreaker Band
Lebron Brothers
Lebron Brothers Orchestra
Lebtron Brothers Orchestra
Leona Williams & Her Dixie Band
Leroy Franklin Starbird Band
Les Brown & His Band Of Renown
Les Kilimambogo Brothers
Levin Brothers
Levon Helm Band
Lion Brothers
Lionel Hampton & His All-Star Alumni Big Band
Lionheart Brothers
Little Arthur Mathews With Jonny Otis Band
Little River Band
Live Band
Livication Riddim Band
Living Sacrifice Band
LKT Band ?
Lloyd Lambert & His Bands
Loin Brothers
Los Africanos
Lost Ark Band
Lost Brothers
Louvin Brothers
Love Brothers United
Love Children Band
Loving Brothers
Lpj Band
LS Bribandes
Luli Lucinha E O Bando
Luther Johnson With Muddy Waters Blues Band
Lyle Lovett & His Large Band
Mackey Feary Band
Madalitso Band
Mafia & Fluxy Band
Mafie & Fluxy Band
Magic Band
Magic Sam Blues Band
Magnus International
Maimon & The Mongoose Band
Man X & Wailers Band
Manahan Street Band
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Manfred Mann's Earthband
Mangrove Steel Band
Marcel Dettmann/zenker Brothers
Mark Lanegan Band
Marley Brothers
Martin Brothers
Matador Band
Mauskovic Dance Band
Maximum Band
Mazuto Band
Med Tone All Stars Band
Mehahan Street Band
Melton Brothers Band With Ms Alfie Moss
Memory Band
Memory Of Justice Band
Memphis Jug Band
Menahan Street Band
Menehan Street Band
Merging Traffic Band
Meridian Brothers
Merzbow/band Of Pain
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
Mick Pointer Band
Mickey Hart Band
Mighty Cloud Band
Mills Brothers
Moe Bandy
Montgomery Brothers
Monyaka Band
Moon Pool & Dead Band
Moon Pool And Dead Band
Mother Freedom Band
Movement Band
Moving Brothers
Mpese Mpese Band
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
Muddy Waters Blues Band Featuring Bb King
Muruga & The Global Village Ceremonial Band
Music Lab Band
Nairobi Afro Band
Names & Faces Band
Native Steel Drum Band
Natural Yogurt Band
Negra Chiway Band
Negus Tsion Band
Neil Young International Harvesters
Neurotic Drum Band
Neville Brothers
New Breed Band
New Estabishment Band
New Kingston Band
Niama Makalou Et African Soul Band
Night Flight Band
Nina Hagen Band
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
No Bs Brass Band
NO BS! Brass Band
No Neck Blues Band
No Neck Blues Band And Embryo
Noble Watts & His Band
Noise Zion Band
Norman & His Twinkle Brothers
Nzolani Brothers
O Bando
Observer Band
Oki Dub Ainu Band
Old Metropolitan Jazz Band
Omega Band
One Man Band
One Vibe Band
Oriental Brothers International Band Original
Original African
Original Little Richard Band
Oscar Young Band
Ostravsk? Banda
Ostravská Banda
Otravis Band
Owiney Sigoma Band
Owiny Sigoma Band
Pacific Band
Packway Handle Band
Palma Brothers
Palmer Brothers
Pama International
Pama International Meets Manasseh
Pan Am Jet North Stars Steelband
Para One & The South African Youth Choir
Paradaise Bangkok Molam Int'l Band
Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band
Pat Travers Band
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Paul Magi Big Band
Pazant Brothers
Peckings Brothers
People Band
People's Band
Peoples Unite Band
Perters Calypso Band
Peter Frampton Band
Peter Ivers Band
Phantom Band
Phenomenal Hand Clap Band
Phenomenal Handclap Band
Phenomenal Handclap Band & Peaches
Phil Collins Big Band
Phillips Brothers
Photon Band
Pink Floyd Tribute Band
Plastic Ono Band
Polly Shang Kuan Band/smack Music 7
Porter Calypso Star Band
Power Positive Band
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Primo Scala's Accordion Band
Prince Brothers
Prompt Live Band
Prophet Band
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers
Punch Brothers
Punctual Brothers
Queen Omega Band
Radar Brothers
Radek Azul Band
Radics Band
Rail Abandon
Rail Band
Ralfe Band
Ralph Brothers
Ras Zabandis
Ray Barretto Charanga Band
RDM Band
Real Rock Band
Real Thing Steel Band
Reggae Brothers
Reggie Msomi And His Hollywood Jazz Band
Rhythm & Sound/chosen Brothers
Richard Band
Richard Brothers
Richards Brothers
Richie Furay Band
Rick Wakeman & His Band
Ricky Husbands
Rico & His Band
Riddim Power Band
Ridim Power Band
Righteous Brothers
Rightful Brothers
Rim Ram Band
Riot Jazz Brass Band
River Brothers
Rob Jo Star Band
Robert Cray Band
Robert Cray Band & Stevie Ray Vaughan
Robert Y Su Banda
Robson Banda & The New Black Eagles
Rocafil Jazz International
Rochards Brothers
Rock Tone Band
Rockers International
Rockers International Band
Rocky Brothers
Rod Dennis Mento Band
Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers
Rollins Band
Ronald & Ebony Brothers
Roots City Band
Roots Radics Band
Roots Rock Band
Rose Bandit
Rose Brothers
Rossi Bandluca
Rossington Collins Band
Round 2 Band
Roy Alton & Caribbean Showband
Roy Fox & His Band
Royal Band De Thies
Royal Steel Band Of Kingston
Rubber Band
Ruffin Brothers
Ryozo Band
S.O.S Band
S.O.S. Band
Sagittarius Band
Salah Ragab And The Cairo Jazz Band
Saltpond City Band
Sam Brothers Five
Sam Ragga Band
Same Song Band
Sana Band
Sane Band
Santana - The Isley Brothers
Santone-Brothers' Vibe
Saturday Night Band
Saxon Studio International
Scom Band
Scott Cunningham Band
Scratch Bandits Crew
Seabird Band
Sena & The Wailers Band
Seventh Extension Band
Seventh Sense Band
Shade Of Love African Blood
Shanda Leon & Back Yaad Band
Shango Dance Band
Shiva's Headband
Sid Phillips Band
Signal One Band
Silver Bullet Band
Sirchers Band
Sixth Revelation Band
Slow Motion Replay Presents Dunk Shot Brothers
Slow Motion Replay Presents Dunk Shot Brothersslow Motion Replay Presents Dunk Shot Brothers
Smiley Lewis Band
Smith Street Band
Sojurners Band
Soledad Brothers
Solid Earth I.N.C. Band
Solid Earth INC Band
Solid Explosion Band
Solid Foundation Band
Sonics Rendezvous Band
SOS Band
Soul Brothers
Soul Brothers Inc.
Soul Brothers Six
Soul Defenders Band
Soul Distinction Band
Soul Explosion Band
Soul Syndicate Band
Soulfood International
Sound Dimension Band
Souther-Hillman-Furay Band
Spiral Joy Band
Splash Band
Split Decision Band
St. G & The Gladiators Band
Stance Brothers
Star Band
Statler Brothers
Steel Band
Step Brothers
Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band
Steve Karmen Big Band
Steve Miller Band
Stroke Band
Studio One Band
Sub Pressure Band
Sun Shot Band
Sunburst Band
Sunjet Band
Sunshine Band
Sunshot Band
Super Djata Band
Super Djata Band De Bamako
Surface Band
Suthep Daoduangmai Band
Sutherland Brothers
Tad's Logic Band
Tad's Logic Dub Band
Talbot Brothers
Te Tasha Love & Wailers Band
Ted Coleman Band
Tedeschi Trucks Band
Tempo's Band
Teskey Brothers
Thalia Zedek Band
The Allman Brothers Band
The Ark Band
The Avett Brothers
The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
The Backyard Band
The Band
The Band & The Queen
The Barr Brothers
The Budos Band
The Butterfield Blues Band
The D.R. Hooker Band
The Derek Trucks Band
The Doobie Brothers
The Felice Brothers
The First Serenade Band
The Griffin Brothers
The Harlem Underground Band
The High Rock Band
The J Geils Band
The Junk Band
The Louvin Brothers
The Love Band
The Magic Band
The Magnificent Tape Band
The Natural Yogurt Band
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Ray Camacho Band
The Tea Street Band
The Walker Brothers
The Wallace Brothers
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
The Whitefield Brothers
The Winston Brothers
Their Band
Third Ear Band
Thomas Edisun's Electric Light Bulb Band
Thomas Oliver Band
Time Bandits
Tobago Regiment Band
Tommy Thompson & Jolly Brothers
Tommy's Band
Tongs International Orchestra
Top Beat International
Top Shotta Band
Top Studio Band
Tra La La Band
Traffic Jam & Wailers Band
Trevor African
Trinidad Steel Band
Trojans Steel Band
Troublesome Band
Trying Brothers
Turpentine Brothers
Twinkle Brothers
Ty Segall Band
Tyler Ramsey -band Of Horses
Ubon Pattana Band
Undivided Roots Band
Unique Vision Band
Universal Togetherness Band
Unnatural Funk Band
Uppers International Dance Band
Upsetting Brothers
V.I.P International
Vaughan Brothers
Version Brothers
Vic Vogel Le Big Band
Vintage Band
Viscounts Band
Vision Band
Wack Wack Rhythm Band
Waco Brothers
Wailers Band
Waipod Phetsuphan/the Super Ranat Band
Walker Brothers
Wallias Band
Warning Brothers
Water Into Wine Band
Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Watts Little Angel Band
We The People Band
Webb Brothers
Well Pack Band
West Bridge Band
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
West India Regiment Steel Band
Whatnauts Band
Whitefield Brothers
Wighnomy Brothers
Willie Dixon Band
Willie West & The High Society Brothers
Wilson Brothers
Wilson's Brothers
Winston Brothers
Wisely Brothers
WLS Band
Woos Band
X Press Band
Xpress Band
Yehudit Ravitz Participagao: A Banda Do Z? Pretinho
Yehudit Ravitz Participagao: A Banda Do Zé Pretinho
Yen Town Band
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
You & Explosion Band
You & The Explosion Band
Youth Profesional Band
Youthman International
Zac Brown Band
Zap Pow Band
Zenker Brothers
Zion Hill Band
こだま和文 & The Dub Station Band