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'Blues Interactions Inc'
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Artists Labels Title Rhythm Track Producer
A. Sinclair
Abbey Lincoln
Acid Inc
Adult./tamion 12 Inch
Albert King / Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated
Angela Prince
Angelia Prince
Arabian Prince
As Deafness Increases
Assorted 10"inch x 5
Assorted 12"inch x 5
Atlon Inc.
Axolotl/inca Ore
Aysegul Aldinc
Baby Prince
BB & The Blues Shacks
BB Inc All Stars
Billy F Gibbons/matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'prince' Billy
Bitchin Bajas And Bonny Prince Billy
Black & Blues
Blaze Inc
Blaze Inc.
Blue Grass Inc
Blues Blaser
Blues Blasters
Blues Blenders
Blues Brothers
Blues Busters
Blues Busters/Maytals
Blues Control
Blues Control & Laraaji
Blues Creation
Blues Dimension
Blues Incorporated
Blues Magoos
Blues Orchestra
Blues Project
Blues Toppers
Blues Traveler
Blues. The Butcher 590213
Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull
Bobby Prince
Bobby Vince Paunetto
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Bonnie 'prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang
Bonnie Prince Billy
Bosom Blues Band
Bransford "Jah Skin" Sinclair
Bransford Sinclair
Burton Inc
Burton Inc.
Calvin Incline
Camp Inc.
Carl Prince
Carmen Maki & Blues Creation
Chicago Blues All Stars
Chilla Rinch
Climax Blues Band
Clue J & Blues Blasters
Clue J & His Blues Blasters
Clue J. & Blues Blaster
Coil/nine Inch Nails
Colongib & Octopus Inc.
Count Prince Miller
Courtney Sinclair
CP Inc
Daniel Erdmann - Samuel Rohrer With Frank Mobus & Vincent Courtois
Dawn Mccarthy & Bonnie 'prince' Billy
Death Blues
Delroy Vincent
Derrick Morgan & Blues Blenders
Dharma Blues
Dickon Hinchliffe
Dillinger & Prince Glen
Dimi Dero Inc
Distinct Motive
DJ Dlux & Persian Prince
DJ Jazzy Jeff x The Fresh Prince
DJ Sinclair
DJ Zinc
Doug Paisley feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Dub inc
Dub Princess
Dub-Prince Jammy
Echo & Prince Livijah
Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent
Engelbert Humperdinck
Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Errol T. & Prince T.
Experimental Tropic Blues Band
Fabulous Five Inc
Fabulous Five Inc.
Fabulous Lincoln
Family Affair Inc
Fari Inc
Fingers Inc.
Four Real Inc.
Frankie Paul & Pinchers
Friends Inc
Friends Of Distinction
Funk Inc
Funk Inc.
Future Troublues
Garrincha And The Stolen Elk
Gene Vincent
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps
Ghetto Inc
Gladys Hampton Blues Boys
Glimmers Feat. Princess Supe
Harold Mabern / Funk Inc
Heat Inc
Heavy Winged & Inca Ore
Hightime Inc.
Hiltmeyer Inc./parker Frisby
His Afro Percussion Inc
His Blues Blasters
Horror Inc.
Howard Sinclair
Human Instinct
Iain Sinclair & Standard Planets
Ickle & Hotsteppas Ft. Prince Jamo
Iller Instinct
Inc. Solidarity Unit
Inca Babies
Inca Ore
Inch Feat. Mark E. Smith
Incledible Kitch
Incredible 5
Incredible Bongo Band
Incredible Mc's
Incredible String Band
Incrowd Band
Instinct/killa & Instinct
J Monque'd Blues Band
Jac Berrocal/david Fenech/vincent Epplay
Jaded Incorporated
Jah Vinci
James Cotton's Blues Band
James Vincent McMorrow
Janis & Kozmic Blues Band
Jason Sinclair
Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet
Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra/Wynton Marsalis
Jimmy Sinclair
Jimmy Sinclair & Fabulous Five
Jody Finch
John Holt & Prince Buster All Stars
John Lee Hooker & The Coast To Coast Blues Band
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers & Friends
Jon Mueller’s Death Blues
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
Judge Winchester
Junior Kimbrough With The Soul Blues Boys
Junior Pincher
Junior Pinchers
Junior Wells' Chicago Blues Band
Killa & Instinct
King Prince
King Princess
Kista & 45 Prince
Kitchens Of Distinction
Klinke Auf Cinch
Latin Blues Band Feat. Luis Aviles
Levon Vincent/steffi
Lidj Inc
Lidj Incorporated
Lidj Incorporated Meets Sound Iration
Lincoln & Disco Set
Lincoln Chamberlain
Lincoln Chase
Lincoln Grant
Lincoln Minott
Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge
Lincoln Smith
Lincoln Sugar Minott
Lincoln Thompson
Lips Inc.
Little Pinch
Little Pinchie
Little Prince
Livin' Blues
Lloyd Prince
Locksley Castell/roman Stewart/prince Mohammed
Logos Pinch
Lord Invincible
Louis 'Blues Boy' Jones
Luther Johnson With Muddy Waters Blues Band
Luv Jam Vs Srf Inc
Mad Music Inc
Magic Sam Blues Band
Mariachi Azteca Principal
Masta Ace Incorporated
Master Plan Inc
Master Plan Inc.
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'prince' Billy
Messengers Inc
Metro Tones Inc.
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
Might Of Coincidence
Minco Eggersman - Theodoor Borger & Mathias Eick
Montevideo Blues
Moody Blues
Muddy Waters Blues Band Featuring Bb King
Munk & Princess Superstar
Murdaf Inc
Murdaf Inc.
Murphy Prince
Music Blues
N-Zo & DJ Invincible
Natty Princess Horns
Ninca Leece
Nine Inch Nails
No Neck Blues Band
No Neck Blues Band And Embryo
No. Inc.
Old Boys Inc.
Omega Cinco
Otis Riley Rock & Roll Riley/sure Looks Good To Me Blistering Blues Rockers!
Pantha Du Prince
Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
Pat Cinclair
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Paul Sinclair
Paul Sinclaire
Persian Prince
Pinch & Roska
Pinch & Shackleton
Pinchers & Daddy Freddy
Pinchy P
Pincy P
Pininches Esquire
Pop Five Music Incorporated
Precision Inc
Prince & The New Power Generation
Prince & The Revolution
Prince & Weapon
Prince Al
Prince Alla
Prince Alla ?
Prince Allah
Prince Allia
Prince And The Revolution
Prince Bagga
Prince Black
Prince Bob
Prince Bros
Prince Brothers
Prince Brown
Prince Buster
Prince Buster & All Stars
Prince Buster & Other Stars
Prince Buster & Ska Busters (Don Drummond)
Prince Buster All Atars
Prince Buster All Stars
Prince Buster Allstars
Prince Buster And All Stars
Prince Buster Group
Prince Buster Junior
Prince Busters All Stars
Prince Busters Group
Prince Campbell
Prince Charles
Prince Charming
Prince Collin
Prince David
Prince Dexter
Prince Django
Prince Douglas
Prince Edwards
Prince Everald
Prince Fabulous
Prince Far I
Prince Far I/Singers & Players
Prince Fari
Prince Fatty
Prince Francis
Prince Garthe
Prince Garthie
Prince George
Prince Glen
Prince Green
Prince Gregg
Prince Gregory
Prince Hammer
Prince Harold
Prince Heron
Prince Imani
Prince Ital Joe
Prince Jammie
Prince Jammy
Prince Jamo
Prince Jamo & Kai Dub
Prince Jarret
Prince Jarrett
Prince Jazzbo
Prince Jazzbo & Celecred Few
Prince Junior
Prince Lasha
Prince Lasha Feat. Sonny Simmons
Prince Lawsha/firebirds
Prince Lincoln
Prince Lincoln Thompson
Prince Liv I Jah
Prince Livijah
Prince Love
Prince Machine
Prince Malachi
Prince Malaki
Prince Melody
Prince Michael
Prince Micheal
Prince Midas
Prince Mike
Prince Mohamed
Prince Mohammad
Prince Mohammed
Prince Mohammedo
Prince Mohammid
Prince Mojo
Prince Muggie
Prince Muhamid
Prince Mydas
Prince Nico Mbarga
Prince Of Darkness
Prince Oneil
Prince Oral
Prince Osita
Prince Pampado
Prince Pampidoo
Prince Pankhi
Prince Paul
Prince Phillip
Prince Phillip Mitchell
Prince Phillips
Prince Phillips & Aggrovators
Prince Phillips Mitchell
Prince Phillp
Prince Pierre
Prince Po
Prince Po & Oh No
Prince Pomp Ado
Prince Pompadoe
Prince Psalm
Prince Rama
Prince Ranking
Prince Ras Jah Booky
Prince Ras Murray
Prince Richie
Prince Rob
Prince Robinson
Prince Rock
Prince Sampson
Prince T.
Prince Tallis
Prince Tallis & Challis
Prince Tebah
Prince Theo
Prince Toney
Prince Tony
Prince Tony All Stars
Prince Tony's All Stars
Prince Valiant
Prince Weedy
Prince Wellington
Prince Williams
Princess Black
Princess Century
Princess Chelsea
Princess Cure
Princess D
Princess Di
Princess Erika
Princess Goldie
Princess Jewels
Princess Linn
Princess Lorna
Princess Love
Princess Melody
Princess Menen
Princess Mennen
Princess Natchral
Princess Nyah
Princess Omega
Princess Rebel
Princess S
Princess Safari
Princess Sapphire
Princess Sharifa
Princess Simeon Levi
Princess Syudia
Princess Thundah
Princess Thunder
Principles Of Geometry
Puro Instinct
Quince & Benny Rodrigues
Quince/tom Peters
Quincy Bones
Quincy Bright
Quincy Bright My Ghetto Looked Like This Volume 2
Quincy Jones
Quincy Patrick
R Vincenzo
Ranny Sinclair
Rebel Princess
Resurrection Of St. Vincent
Rhonda Vincent
Rockford Inc.
Roots Inc
Roots Of Distinction
Roy Haynes And Quincy Jones
Scientist & Prince Jammy
Scientist And Prince Jammie
Shlomo Mintz/Pinchas Zukerman/Isaac Stern
Shurwayne Winchester
Sidney Pinchback
Singing Prince
Skin Flesh & Bones Inc
Smell Of Incense/ethereal Counterbalance
Smith Inc.
Solid Earth INC Band
Songhoy Blues
Sonido Del Principe
Sonny Vincent
Soul Bros. Inc
Soul Brothers Inc.
Soul Distinction Band
Sound Inc
Sound Inc.
St. Vincent
St.vincent Latinaires
Stealth Inc
Stefan Vincent
Steve Bug/vincenzo
Stretch aka Prince Scorpio
Sun Ra & The Blues Project
Supersonic Blues Machine
Synthesis Inc.
Taksi Inc.
Talent Inc
Tamion 12 Inch
Teddy Lincoln
The Blue Grass Inc
The Blues Busters
The Bluestars
The Butterfield Blues Band
The Moody Blues
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Vince Guaraldi Trio
Thirilla Prince Black
Thrilla Prince
Thrilla Prince Black
Thriller Prince
Thriller Rinch
Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc.
Tony Clarke With Lincon Trio
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Treddy Lincoln
Truth In The Abstract Blues
UK Principal
Urban Blues Quartet
Venom Inc.
Vertigo Inc
Vince Black
Vince Broomfield
Vince Brown
Vince DiCola
Vince Gill
Vince Guaraldi
Vince Guaraldi Trio
Vince Matthews
Vince Monroe
Vince Staples
Vince Taylor & The Playboys
Vince Taylor Et Ses Play-Boys
Vince Watson
Vincent Epplay & Samon Takahashi
Vincent Floyd
Vincent Gemignani
Vincent Gordon
Vincent Hinds
Vincent Marsh
Vincent Martin
Vincent Napp
Vincent Over The Sink
Vincent Radar
Vincent Rader/trike
Vincent Roswell
Vincent Taylor
Vincent Vidal
Vincenzo & Aram
Vincenzo & Joel Mull/ed Davenport
Vincenzo & Language
Vincenzo & Steve Ferrand
Vincenzo & Talking Props
Vincenzo Maurice
Wang Inc.
Wayne Wade/Prince Pomp Ado
Wayne Wade/Prince Pompado
Wild Binch
Wild Bunch Inc
Wild Bunch Inc.
Wimple Winch
Winch Banner
Winston G.Finch
Winston Sinclair
Young Prince
Young Sinclairs