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Product Search

How to search for a product

At, you can search for a product in various ways.
On the TOP, we introduce our popular products including new arrivals.
In the NEW 7" tab, you can see the list of 7" singles grouped by labels and rhythm tracks and they are listed in order of new to old.
Each of the NEW CDs, NEW LPs and NEW 12" tabs shows new items in the respective categories.
Products that have arrived in the previous two weeks are listed in the CATALOG tab, and you can change the order of the list as you prefer.
You can also narrow down the search results by specifying the format, genre, label, artist and so on using the "Category Browser" on the left side of the screen.
If you want to view the chart of X-News Magazine of Jamaica, from the latest to older hits, please go to the HIT CHART tab.
All the lists display the products that we have in stock except the HIT CHART.

About the search form
  By specifying the artist, title, genre, format, rhythm track, label or time of arrival in the search form which is placed under tabs on top of the screen, you can search the product that matches your specifications.
Any words that contain a matching part will be displayed. For example, if you input "Jah" in the artist field, the search result will include artists such as Abijah or Jahson.
By choosing from the Top Artists, Top Rhythm or Top Label Menu below the artist, rhythm track or label field, you can input artist, rhythm track or label which can be utilized as the key of the search.
For artist and label, you can search by choosing the first letter in the "A-Z" Menu. "#" means that the name starts with a number or symbol.
About the search result.
  The search result and catalogue are displayed similarly. You can set the display format, order and number of items to be displayed on one page. You can also narrow down the search results by specifying the format, genre, label, artist and so on by using the "Category Browser" on the left side of the screen.
In the "List" or "Image and detail" display format, you can search a product by artist, rhythm track or label by clicking the artist, rhythm track, or label of the product that is displayed as a search result.
While the search result is displayed, the keywords will be re-entered into the search form if you click "More detailed search" or "Re-enter keywords" button. This will enable you to search again with additional keywords if there are too many search results.
Searching by Best Selling, Sale or Ranking Menus
  You will find these menus under the search form. This will enable you to search with a wide variety of criteria.
Best Selling Ranking
You can look at three types of bestseller rankings of different time periods by CD, LP, or 10"/12" format. There are also Dancehall ranking (after the 1980's) and Oldies ranking (before 1980's), as well as New Roots ranking (for 10"/12"). For 7", there is a New Arrivals ranking and 60's and 70's rankings.
Sales Ranking
You can look at ther Sales Ranking by different formats.
Latest Popular Ranking Menu
The top 100 will be displayed by artist, label and rhythm track, and you can search for all products by selecting one of these tabs. By clicking "More Detailed Search" Button and entering additional keywords in the other fields, it will be easier to search again.
Send a Request (If you could not find the product on the Website)
If you cannot find the product you are looking for on the site, you can send a request from >>this page. You can send an E-mail with any information you have, such as artist, title or label. This will not guarantee we can provide you the product, however, we will inform you if we do.
About "Rhythm Track"
The word "Rhythm Track" has a special meaning when used in reggae music. During the 80's in Jamaica, several artists recorded different songs on one rhythm track (so-called karaoke), and released them as independent products in order to save recording costs. They each had a different title from that of the rhythm track, and played an important role in the world of reggae music as many hit songs were based on very good rhythm tracks.
Today, it is common that many singles sharing the same rhythm track are released on the same day. Therefore, it is important that you utilize rhythm track search in reggae music.
At, we have a variety of methods to search for rhythm tracks such as by name of rhythm or popular rhythm ranking. The new arrivals list for 7" is also arranged according to the rhythm names.