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  Purchase Method
Click one of the following items.
If you are shopping with us for the first time
>>Shopping for the first time
>>Member registration
Purchasing a product
>>Putting a product into Shopping Cart
>>Confirming the Content of the Cart
>>How To "Save the Cart"
>>"Favourites" Feature
>>"Want List" Function
>>Purchase Procedures
>>Registering And Confirming Shipping Address
>>Entering Credit Card Information
>>Confirming the Order
>>Combining Orders: and
Back order, out-of-stock or unavailable product
>>Out-Of-Stock Product
>>Back Order
If you are shopping with us for the first time
At, you can purchase a product through a system which utilizes a Shopping Cart.
In this system, you can put products into the Shopping Cart without having to register. After confirming the products you wish to order, we will ask you to enter your information.
Membership registration
Membership is not required to put products into the Shopping Cart, however, it is necessary in order to purchase products. This is to simplify the process of purchase by registering information such as billing address, shipping address and payment method that is required every time you shop with us.
*Any personal information you enter will be sent encrypted by using SSL and registered in the database of the site. We take special care in handling personal information and it will not be passed to a third party under any circumstance. Even if a third party attempts to access the information, we do our best to prevent such incidence by using the latest technology.
  Purchasing a product
At, please go through the following steps to purchase a product.
>>Put the product into Shopping Cart >>Changing the quantity or cancelling the order >>Confirming the contents of order as well as registering and confirming shipping address and payment method
>>Registering credit card information (if you are paying with credit card) >>Confirming the order

A new customer must register as a member before registering and confirming shipping address and payment method. If you have not registered as a member, you will be automatically directed to the member registration screen.
If you have registered as a member, you will need to log in before registering and confirming shipping address and payment method. You will be automatically directed to the log in screen.
Putting a product into Shopping Cart
If you have found the product you want, click the "BUY" button.
This will automatically put the product into the Shopping Cart. The total number and price of the products in the Shopping Cart will be displayed in the "Cart Indicator" at the top right of the screen.
The "Quantity Indicator" on the left of the "BUY" button will show the quantity of each product in the Shopping Cart.
If you wish to continue purchasing products, repeat the above steps.
If you wish to reduce the quantity of product in the Shopping Cart, click the "- (minus)" button of that product. If it shows 0 (zero), it means that the product has been removed from the Shopping Cart.
Confirming the content of the Shopping Cart
If you click the "Cart" tab on top of the page, you can view the list of products in the Shopping Cart.
If you wish to change the quantity, select the quantity from the pull-down menu.
If you wish to delete a product, check the "Select" box of that product and click "Delete Selected" button.
"Save the Cart" feature
By checking the "Save the Cart" box at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page which is functional while you are logged in, you can save the contents of the Shopping Cart on the site. This is useful when you do not wish to purchase immediately as you will continue shopping when you log in again.
If you save contents in the Shopping cart, a message saying, "You left -(quantity) of products in the Shopping Cart when you visited us last time" will be displayed when you log in again, and you will be able to retrieve the contents of the Shopping Cart.
If you put a product into the Shopping Cart before logging in while the Shopping Cart had been saved on the site, the contents will be added to the Shopping Cart when you log in again.
Saving the Shopping Cart does not secure the products. If the saved products become out of stock before you log in again, it will be moved to "FAVORITES" (please see the next section for more details about "FAVORITES").
"FAVORITES" feature
You can save a product which you are interested in but do not wish to purchase immediately, by moving it from the Shopping Cart to "FAVORITES".
You must be logged in to use "FAVORITES" feature, because the contents of the "FAVORITES" will be registered on the site as member's information.
The contents of "FAVORITES" will be saved on the site regardless of the settings of the "Save the Shopping Cart" feature.
  You can move the product to "FAVORITES" by checking the "Select" box of the product and clicking "Move selected to favorites" button.
  You can view the contents of the "FAVORITES" by clicking the "FAVORITES" tab in the Shopping Cart.
  In order to purchase the products in "FAVORITES", check the "select" box and click "Move selected to cart" button.
"Want List" function
By using the "Want List" function, you will automatically receive 'Arrival Notice' email(s) when the title(s) on your want list is back in stock and available for you. Simply by clicking on 'No Stock' on "Catalog" or "Item Description" pages, your want title(s) will be listed on your want list.
Please login to use the "Want List" function. We can only save your cart details while you are logged in.
You can also move title(s) on your "Favorite" list to your "Want List" by clicking 'Want List' in the "Move To" column of your shopping cart.
  To see your "Want List", click on the "Want List" tab in your shopping cart.
  If you wish to purchase title(s) on your "Want LIst", you can move the title(s) by clicking "Move selected to cart" button which is placed at the upper right hand corner of your shopping cart or 'Cart' button in the "Move To" column of your shopping cart.
  * Please note that the "Want List" function is not an automatic reserving service and your want title(s) might be out of stock because the title(s) are offered to others at the same time.
Clicking the "Checkout" button will direct you to confirm the order and register your shipping address and payment method.
*If you have not logged in at this point, you will be asked to log in. Please enter your ID and password. (If you have not registered as a member, please do so.)
Registering and confirming the shipping address
After proceeding to the "Register Shipping Address" page, you will see the previously registered address(es). You may change your billing address (home address) here if necessary. If you wish the products to be shipped to an address other than your home address, enter the address in "Alternative shipping address".
Please enter necessary information for "Payment method" and "Inquiries" as well.
Click the "Proceed to confirmation" button, and you will see the list of your order. Please confirm that it is correct.
*If you wish to change the order details, such as the quantity of products or shipping address, click "Back to Shipping and Payment" and make the necessary changes.
If you have chosen to pay with a credit card, click "Enter credit card details" button and enter the necessary information. For any other payment method, click "Place order" button.
Entering credit card details
If you have paid with a credit card at, the information of that credit card will be displayed. If you are using the same card, click "Pay with this card" button.
If you are using a different card, or if you are paying by credit card for the first time, enter all the information in "Credit cart registration form" and then click "Register card" button. You will be asked to confirm the contents of your registration. Clicking "OK" will confirm the order.
The credit card information you enter will be encoded by SSL and registered in the database of the site.
After you confirm the order, we will contact the credit card processing agency to verify the information you provided.
We cannot ship the product without verifying your credit card.
Confirming the order
Once you confirm your order, a confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically to your registered e-mail address from
It will take one day (or two days maximum) for us to prepare for the shipment after the order is confirmed. If you are paying with credit card, cash/credit/debit card on delivery, we will proceed to the shipment directly, and will notify you of the completion of shipment by e-mail.
If you are paying by bank transfer, layaway, or PayPal, we will notify you once the shipment is ready together with account details for bank transfer and PayPal. After we have confirmed your payment, we will ship the product.
Combining Orders: and
Upon your request, we can combine your orders for and >>
If you require us to ship your orders together, please leave a mesagge in "Inquiries" box while checkout.
Unavailable product
At, we usually do not display unavailable products. However, because we share some of the products with our over-the-counter service, sometimes a product becomes out of stock between the times when we receive the order and when we start preparing for shipment.
If an ordered product becomes unavailable, we will deduct the amount of the product from the total amount when shipping. If you have ordered only one product which became unavailable, we will contact you by e-mail.
A product that becomes unavailable will be cancelled. If the product becomes available, we will notify you accordingly by e-mail, in which case you may be able to purchase it later. (You may also leave it as cancelled.)
Back Order
If the product is out of stock, we will have to order it from an overseas label directly which usually takes more than one week. In this case, we will notify you by e-mail.
Although we try our best to deliver the products as soon as possible, we would appreciate your understanding in the changing status of our stock. We will notify you by e-mail in the rare incidence where the shipment takes unexpectedly long due to changes in our supplier or distributor.
Please note that, if you order several of one product, they might not be shipped at the same time. To find out how long the shipment procedure takes when ordering several of one product, please contact >>.