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Ernest Ranglin
Mr. Ranglin With Soul
Dub Store Records JPN
年代 : 1968
ジャンル : スカ / ロックステディ > ロックステディ
プロデューサー : Paul Khouri
他フォーマット : LP レコード
商品登録日 : 2016/1/12
Country : 日本
品番 : DSR-CD-511



ジャマイカのギターの巨匠ラングリンが、ロックステディ期に残した貴重な名盤。聴き所はなんといっても”Summertime”と”Flamingo”、そして”Hold Me Tight”、しっかりとしたロックステディで最高である。他はいつものフェデラル・レコーズのスタイルであるバラエティにとんだ内容で、エゾチックなイントロのアップテンポな”Sling Shot”や、ポップなアレンジの”Don’t Sleep In The Subway”、あとはバラードなどで構成されていて、繰り返し聴いても飽きない一般受けするキャッチーな内容にしようという、ジャマイカ最大手のフェデラル陣営の思惑がよくわかる1枚。

Unlike all the other musicians in those days, Ranglin was not allowed to go between studios to record and release music as he wished because he was an exclusive employee of the Federal records. Thus it’s really hard to find a Rocksteady record with his name on it. Although whenever he finds a spare time, he would go to Duke Reid’s studio and play the guitar and bass as a sideman, often playing sessions with Lynn Taitt. According to Ranglin himself, “I felt really comfortable being at Duke Reid’s studio”, though sadly there have not been a single release of his solo guitar tune which was recorded there. So here comes the album, it’s the rare Rocksteady instrumentals by the man himself. Some of the main features would be “Summertime”, “Flamingo” and “Hold Me Tight”, the wickedest selection of the moist Rocksteady that will certainly catch your heart. Other than that, it’s got an exotic intro and uptempo “Sling Shot”, relatively arranged towards pop direction “Don’t Sleep In the Subway” and some ballads to represent the Federal’s widely ranged style that won’t go off after a long time, exactly how this one of the biggest leading labels in Jamaica had thought of. This may not make Rude Boys in downtown growl, although it will clearly last eternally as Ranglin’s 60s best album to the future generations.

1)    Hold Me Tight
2)    Story Book Children
3)    Don't Sleep In The Subway
4)    She Wears My Ring
5)    Am I That Easy To Forget?
6)    This Is My Song
7)    Summertime (Rock Steady)
8)    Julie
9)    Flamingo (Rock Steady)
10)    Sling Shot
PRODUCED BY: Richard Khouri RECORDED AT: Federal Studio ENGINEERED BY: Louis Davidson
[MUSICIANS] LEAD GUITAR: Ernest Ranglin ALTO SAX: Ernest Ranglin (in Julie)
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