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Apr 23, 15 New Pre-Order!
Dub Store Records proudly present another great bunch of Ronnie Nasralla and Jammys 7"s including some groundbreaking titles from two of the legendary Jamaican producers.
Apr 21, 15 Recommended!
Soul Jazz releases an exclusive Studio One 7" box set for Record Store Day! 5 x 7" singles feature essential tunes from its Ska and Rocksteady era and coming with a special sleeve and outer box!
Apr 21, 15 Recommended!
Mungo's Hi-Fi produced label Scotch Bonnet exclusively re-releases their epic riddim Belly Ska for Record Store Day. Get them this time if you missed them before!
Apr 17, 15 Recommended!
Great re-issue works by Buyreggae in Germany. 5 additional shots from Duke Reid's vault and absolutely must-haves for all Reggae fans!
Apr 15, 15 Charlie P x Mungo's Hi Fi LP!!
Raggamuffin rudeboy youth Charlie P outta UK releases a brand new LP! After 3 years of constantly working with Mungo's Hi Fi, he delivers the best tracks across the styles from roots reggae, dancehall to bass music. Highly recommended!!
Apr 13, 15 New Arrival!
New riddims from Chimney Records! The Happy Hour riddim features Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel and Zagga and Chill Spot riddim features Christopher Martin, Tarrus Riley and more!
Apr 3, 15 New Arrival!
Produced by Rory Stone Love, the 1st single from Black Dub is finally out. This single is famous for heavily played by Kingston Dub Club surroundings and David Rodigan. 250 limited press. Get it before gone.
Apr 2, 15 Pre-Order!
Teaming up with VP Records and Greensleeves Records, Dub Store Records prouldy releases exclusive 7"s. This release features a cover version of Grammy-awarded singer Sam Smith's Stay With Me by Romain Virgo and one of the most popular tunes in 80's UK Dancehall, Stop That Train by Clint Eastwood & General Saint! Place your pre-order now!
Apr 1, 15 New Arrival!
Celebrating Carlton And The Shoes Japan tour in 2015, Overheat Music in Japan releases an exclusive 7" single. On A-side, based on the classic Love Me Forever riddim, Carlton voices with a brand new lyrics! Check it out!
Mar 24, 15 New Arrival!
King of Dancehall producer Lloyd James a.k.a. King Jammy's unreleased killer digital Dancehall materials are nopw released from Dub Store Records! 1st batch feature Nitty Gritty, Prince Junior and Super Black.
Dancehall 1985-1989
vinyl 7" Sluggy Ranks - Sodom & Gomorrah Sluggy Ranks - Sodom & Gomorrah (Part 2 Records US/Gold Shop US) 1989

Heavyweight Ragga '85-'92

Devon Garnett

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listen ¥949 (US$7.97)
vinyl 7" Dave Bailey - Concrete Jungle Dave Bailey - Concrete Jungle (Redman/Dub Store Records JPN) 1990
Dave Bailey’s ‘Concrete Jungle’ within the Redman’s catalogue is considerably one of the most popular tunes. It’s not only an ordinary digital dancehall track, but also roots flavor added to this speedy edgy rhythm where Dave Bailey showcases his cool & smooth vocal to make this tune a killer!

Heavyweight Ragga '85-'92

Hugh 'Redman' James

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listen ¥1080 (US$9.07)
vinyl 7" Red Dragon - Duck Red Dragon - Duck (Jammys) 1988

Dancehall 1985-1989

Lloyd James

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listen ¥600 (US$5.04)
vinyl 7" Johnny P - Buddy Bye Johnny P - Buddy Bye (Nura) 1985

Dancehall 1985-1989

Black Beard Sinclair, Enos Mcleod, Willie Lindo

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listen ¥570 (US$4.79)
Ska / Rocksteady
vinyl 7" Three Tops - Do It Right Three Tops - Do It Right (Treasure Isle/Buyreggae EU) 1968

Rock Steady

Duke Reid

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listen ¥1430 (US$12.01)
vinyl 7" Termites - Love Up Kiss Up Termites - Love Up Kiss Up (Treasure Isle/Buyreggae EU) 1968/1965

Rock Steady

Duke Reid

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listen ¥1430 (US$12.01)
vinyl 7" Renegades - Big And Fine Renegades - Big And Fine (Merritone/Dub Store Records JPN) 1966
The Renegades showcase one of their valuable early works to perfection. 'Big And Fine' was originally released 1966 and collectors would say the record is one of the most sought after records by the group. It also features Oswald Sewell 's previously unreleased Ska vocal material 'Oh My Love' from the original master tape on the B-side.

Rock Steady

Paul Khouri, Richard Khouri

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listen ¥1280 (US$10.75)
vinyl 7" Roland Alphonso, Soul Brothers - Sca-Balena Roland Alphonso, Soul Brothers - Sca-Balena (Studio One/Dub Store Records JPN) 1965
Both sides are extremely rare unreleased takes of ska instrumentals by Roland Alphonso, Tommy McCook and the Soul Brothers. Sca-Balena is a famous cover in which you can enjoy the brilliance of Roland Alphonso, and a completely new latin take of “Two For One” originally played by Tommy McCook. It is really hard to expect what will come out of the warehouse of well-established label like Studio One, although Sir Coxsone knew exactly where everything was being placed. We’re sorry that the “Bridge View” is a misprint instead of “Two For One” Both have been recorded from the original master-tapes.


CS Dodd

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listen ¥1380 (US$11.59)
Roots Reggae
vinyl 7" Don Hutson - Got To Leave This Place Don Hutson - Got To Leave This Place (Ashandan/Dub Store Records JPN) 1973
Recorded in 1973 accompanied by the Wailers, this truly rare masterpiece was fronted by Don Hutson, an executive of the severe Rastafarian organization, Twelve Tribes of Israel. Produced by former Jamaican National Football Team player, Allan ‘Skill’ Cole, it was released by Tuff Gong in 1973 and known as an extremely rare shot that collectors have been searching for all over the place. This beautifully sparkling classic spiritual reggae piece is undoubtedly one of the top 10s released in 1973. If you love reggae, we presume that you won’t be able to avoid this masterpiece.

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Allan Cole

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listen ¥1280 (US$10.75)
vinyl 7" Junior Byles - Fade Away Junior Byles - Fade Away (High Times) 1975

Roots Reggae 1970s

Earl Chinna Smith

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listen ¥700 (US$5.88)
vinyl 7" Bunny Wailer - Bide Up Bunny Wailer - Bide Up (Solomonic/Dub Store Records JPN) 1975
Bunny followed 'Search For Love' with 'Bide Up' another emotional tour de force and with a message so different that it takes a while to fully assimilate. He would later recut the song for his classic solo debut album 'Black Heart Man' but this is the original cut in all its glory. The B-side features one of the two Big Youth versions to the song and the Youth is at his peak here as he reinforces Bunny's message with own his plea for greater understanding: "Be unto one another like a man to a brother…"

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bunny Wailer

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listen ¥1480 (US$12.43)
vinyl 7" Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry (Picture Sleeve) Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry (Picture Sleeve) (Island UK) 1973

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley, Wailers

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listen ¥1680 (US$14.11)
Dub / Instrumental
vinyl 7" Gladstone Anderson - Rocking The Drifter Gladstone Anderson - Rocking The Drifter (Moodisc US) 1976

Instrumental Reggae

Harry Mudie

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listen ¥1680 (US$14.11)
vinyl 7" Tommy McCook - Mandella (Part 2) Tommy McCook - Mandella (Part 2) (Clinch) 1975

Instrumental Roots

Barnerd Collins

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listen ¥600 (US$5.04)
vinyl 7" Max Edwards - Gideons High Max Edwards - Gideons High (Gideon/Dub Store Records JPN) 1973
An experimental and minimalistic early dub instrumental joined by the Soul Syndicate drummer, Max Edwards. Music without commercialism ? this minimalistic and repetitive dub instrumental shows the unique musical structure by one of the most future-oriented arrangers, the great Familyman.

Instrumental Reggae

Aston 'Family Man' Barrett

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listen ¥1280 (US$10.75)
vinyl 7" Glen Brown - No More Slavery Glen Brown - No More Slavery (Dwyer Records/Dub Store Records JPN) 1973

Instrumental Roots

Glenmore Brown, M.Miller

No Stock
listen ¥1180 (US$9.91)


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Killa Sista

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Wicked Can't Run Away

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