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artist hall of fame
Abyssinians photo


Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Mar 9, 2015
The most revered and respected of Jamaica’s roots vocal groups whose transcendental, ethereal harmonies are beautiful beyond compare; their debut single ‘Satta A Masa Gana’ from 1969 is one of the most versioned songs and rhythms in the history of reggae music and is now a Rastafarian hymn.
Bounty Killer photo

Bounty Killer

Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Feb 6, 2015
‘The Warlord’ has maintained his top position for over twenty years through a combination of raw talent, a deep understanding of exactly what’s going on and a complete fearlessness in telling it how it really is.
Beenie Man photo

Beenie Man

Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Dec 2, 2014
From ‘Ten Year Old Deejay Wonder’ to ‘King Of The Dance Hall’…
Hortense Ellis photo

Hortense Ellis

Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Nov 10, 2014
Although female vocalists are not particularly well represented in Jamaican music Hortense Ellis is rightly regarded throughout the reggae world as one of the island’s finest ever singers…
John Holt photo

John Holt

Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Oct 21, 2014
John Holt is rightly revered as Jamaica’s “finest interpreter of love ballads” but he could just as easily be regarded as one of its finest rock steady singers with The Paragons, one of its foundation vocalists at Studio One, or one of its best ever roots singers through his releases for Channel One in the seventies and Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes in the eighties…
>>Artist Hall of Fame
>>Japanese Artist Hall of Fame
label hall of fame
Channel One logo

Channel One

Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Sep 25, 2014
Well charged, disco mixed and hit bound… “no other Jamaican studio was to have quite the same impact in 1975 to 1976 or exert as much influence on the direction of the music.” Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton
Observer logo


Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Jul 14, 2014
One of Jamaica’s most inventive and radical record producers ‘The Observer’ Holness has always been a name to watch out for…
 Joe Gibbs logo

Joe Gibbs

Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Jan 17, 2014
Nothing succeeds like success and there was a time in the mid to late seventies when very few record labels came near to succeeding like or exceeding the success of the releases on the Joe Gibbs label.
Santic logo


Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Aug 30, 2013
Innately modest, and remarkably talented, Leonard ‘Santic’ Chin was intimately involved in, and hugely influential on, two very different and extremely important movements in the history of reggae music…
Aquarius  logo


Text by Harry Hawks
Update: Oct 18, 2013
Herman Chin Loy has somehow remained a relatively unsung name in the history of Jamaican music although the innovative music on his Aquarius and Scorpio record labels has proved more significant and has resonated far further than that of many better known producers…
>>Label Hall of Fame
rhythm hall of fame
54 46 Was My Number image

54 46 Was My Number

Update: Jan 27, 2012
Twice My Age image

Twice My Age

Text by Dub Store Sound Inc.
Update: Sep 5, 2011
A massive combination hit song by Shabba Ranks and Krystal. Another prominent rhythm / song of the 80's dancehall produced by Augustus Gussie Clarke.
Heptones Gonna Fight image

Heptones Gonna Fight

Text by Dub Store Sound Inc.
Update: Aug 10, 2011
Another Rock Steady masterpiece recorded at Studio One. Performed by a vocal trio named Heptones.
Action image


Update: Jun 21, 2011
A major international hit song / rhythm produced by Dave Kelly on his Mad House label.
Smile image


Update: Apr 26, 2011
'Smile' is another Studio One classic performed by vocal harmony group, Silvertones in 1977.
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